Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Sun on Fire, Unleashes 3 More Major Flares

Sun on Fire, Unleashes 3 More Major Flares: "The Sun cut loose with three severe flares in less than 24 hours through Monday morning, bringing to nine the number of major eruptions in less than two weeks.

Scientists have never witnessed a string of activity like this.

Colorful aurora are expected to grace the skies at high latitudes and possibly into lower portions of the United States and Europe over the next two or three nights. Satellites and power grids could once again be put at risk.

Early Monday, Paal Brekke, deputy project manager of the SOHO spacecraft, was still digesting the significance of the three additional outbursts on top of two back-to-back monster flares Oct. 28 and 29."

Dang, shoulda planned that trip to Alaska I've always wanted to take.

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