Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Neal Pollack Invasion

The Neal Pollack Invasion: "Ronald Reagan was not a former actor recruited by powerful Republicans to play the part of President so they could fool America into accepting a sketchy combination of charismatic Christianity and tax cuts for the wealthy as national policy. He never made flip jokes about starting a nuclear war. The country's industrial base did not collapse during his tenure. Agents of his Central Intelligence Agency did not introduce crack to African-American ghettos. By no means did he support right-wing guerilla organizations in Central America, starting terrible wars that killed thousands of people in the name of fighting Communism. His administration did not sell arms to the Iranians to fund these wars. His wife was not a control freak who regularly consulted astrologers. He did not suffer from advancing senility, allowing his administration to be taken over by an uncontrollable group of fringe nutcases. And he most certainly did not sit by exhibiting the most extreme forms of public bigotry while the most terrible virulent disease known to humankind ravaged this country's gay population."

aaah, man. No more of this? Not even a little bit?

I guess people who usually get paid to write quickly realize that just straight blogging really doesn'

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