Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Vote count marred by computer woes

Vote count marred by computer woes: "Lebanon -- Boone County officials are searching for an answer to the computer glitch that spewed out impossible numbers and interrupted an otherwise uneventful election process Tuesday.

'I about had a heart attack,' County Clerk Lisa Garofolo said of the breakdown that came as an eager crowd watched computer-generated vote totals being projected onto a wall of the County Courthouse rotunda.

'I'm assuming the glitch was in the software.'
A lengthy collaboration between the county's information technology director and advisers from the MicroVote software producer fixed the problem. But before that, computer readings of stored voting machine data showed far more votes than registered voters.

'It was like 144,000 votes cast,' said Garofolo, whose corrected accounting showed just 5,352 ballots from a pool of fewer than 19,000 registered voters.

'Believe me, there was nobody more shook up than I was.'"

Personally, I use computers way too often to do stuff that isn't even close to what they are saying they are doing to trust electronic voting. It sounds like a good idea, but I'm not seeeing any good implementations.

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