Thursday, November 13, 2003 - New U.S. push to speed Iraqi sovereignty - New U.S. push to speed Iraqi sovereignty: "New U.S. push to speed Iraqi sovereignty
Iraq likely to be main issue in next U.S. election

WASHINGTON (CP) - With casualties mounting and a CIA report saying the trust of Iraqis is faltering, President George W. Bush held urgent meetings today to discuss ways to speed the transition of power in Iraq.
Iraq's civilian administrator Paul Bremer, abruptly called back to the United States, was vague about his discussions with the president but said: 'We are in a very intense period.'

'I have made proposals to transfer more authority to the Iraqi Governing Council and that is the backdrop for all of these discussions,' he said. "

Looks like they are finally taking my (and nearly every other sane person person on the planet's) advice.

So maybe we can get to the next chapter, and become a nation builder, rather than a ..... something bad.

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