Friday, November 14, 2003

Israel govt memo admits flouting ''road map''-source

Israel govt memo admits flouting ''road map''-source: "Government sources on Wednesday quoted the memorandum as saying: ''We promised the United States that we would dismantle the outposts and have not done so. That is our Achilles' heel.''

''International criticism is growing because of our lack of creative ideas for getting out of the conflict,'' it said.

Israel lacked credibility when it claimed to be fulfilling its obligations under a U.S.-backed plan for ending three years of fighting with the Palestinians, the memorandum said. "

There was a HUGE glaring hole in President Bush's 'Democracy for All' speech I mentioned here last week. It had to do with Palestinians not taking responsibility for lowering tensions in that conflict.

Like I said, HUGE glaring hole in the NeoCon worldview. They are smart folks, so one can only hope they quit lying to themselves, although the Rumsfeld post from yesterday tells you how well that is going.

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