Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Republican Aide Improperly Got Democratic Memos

Republican Aide Improperly Got Democratic Memos: "According to the memos, Democrats on Hatch's panel conferred with liberal groups in opposing Bush's most conservative judicial nominees.

Hatch had suggested that the memos had been turned over to the news media by a ``conscience-stricken'' Democratic staffer.
But the senator said on Tuesday that after the Democratic concerns were voiced, he had ``two experienced federal prosecutors'' assigned to his panel interview about 50 people even as computer records were secured.

``It is with deep regret I must report today the interviews conducted to date have revealed that at least one current member of Judiciary Committee majority staff had improperly accessed at least some of the documents referenced in the media reports,'' Hatch said."

Hmm, maybe we'll get the 'leak trifecta' today.

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