Friday, November 21, 2003

Iraq War Officially Declared Surreal

United Press International: Rockets on donkeys hit major Baghdad sites: "'The enemy used homemade rocket launchers on carts attached to donkeys,' Mansoor told reporters. 'The rockets were set to a timer and hidden under produce. We have some leads in both cases in our efforts to find who was behind these attacks.'

About 250 meters away from the hotel, an agitated donkey tethered to a toppled cart could be seen in the custody of U.S. troops. According to the U.S. military and local witnesses, the donkey - acting without an accomplice - dragged the lettuce cart down the main street outside the hotel while a timer operated the rockets.

Apparently upon the beginning of the barrage, the donkey broke discipline and panicked, toppling the cart. At that point, the rockets disconnected from the timer, leaving them strewn around the street. Tethered to the now toppled cart, the donkey was unable to escape before the arrival of U.S. troops."

Box cutters and donkey carts against JDAMS and F-16s. We live on a strange planet.

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