Thursday, November 13, 2003

Kazaa says hello to digital Bollywood | CNET

Kazaa says hello to digital Bollywood | CNET "File-swapping company Sharman Networks on Thursday said it will digitally distribute a feature film from Bollywood, using its peer-to-peer application, Kazaa.

The Hindi-language film, 'Supari,' will be offered to Kazaa users for $2.99, under the terms of the agreement the Australian company has signed with P2P products distributor Altnet and Indian filmmaker Aum Creates Unlimited. "

Good to see. Although Kazaa is backed by the strangest corporate structure in media history, they are working to realize some of the potential of the Internet. This is, of course, in complete contrast to the totalitarian control freaks that run U.S. media nowadays, who spend more on lawyers than developing talent, but hey, it's their money. And since it will probably be their last, let 'em spend it however they want.

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