Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Welcome to Belkin! Where we Spam You on the Network Level

Welcome to Belkin!: "Important message from Belkin:
In response to a recent Usenet group posting stating that Belkin spams its customers through its routers, Belkin Corporation apologizes for the concern this has caused and is taking action to address the issue. To allay customers’ worries, Belkin will offer a firmware upgrade that will be available via download from its website ( on November 17, 2003. This upgrade will rid the redirect completely so that no additional browser windows will appear during the router’s installation process. Questions can be directed to our dedicated networking customer support line at 877-736-5771 or e-mailed to "

They would redirect HTTP requests to a website that tried to sell one of their network monitoring services.....

Looks like they've got that 'concealed observation' thing down pat.

I don't have any of their equipment, and now it looks like I won't for some time.

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