Wednesday, November 05, 2003

F.C.C. Acts Against Pirating of TV Broadcasts

F.C.C. Acts Against Pirating of TV Broadcasts: "ASHINGTON, Nov. 4 - Federal regulators approved rules on Tuesday meant to prevent people from copying broadcasts of television shows and movies and widely distributing them on the Internet.

The decision, by the Federal Communications Commission, was widely hailed by Hollywood and the networks, which had lobbied hard for it. They have argued that at the dawn of digital television, they need regulatory and technological protection to avoid the experiences of the recording industry, which has been forced to cut prices and has filed hundreds of lawsuits to try to stop swapping of music on the Internet."

Heck, why not just cut out our ears and eyes, keep them in a big jar, and then you can pipe the stuff we are supposed to see and listen to straight to the ears and eyes. Just think of the money we could save consumers.

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