Wednesday, November 05, 2003 - NBC chief: Our shows 'sucked' - Nov. 5, 2003 - NBC chief: Our shows 'sucked' - Nov. 5, 2003: "NEW YORK (AP) -- The top networks are suffering through a lackluster fall season partly because 'some of the programming just sucked,' NBC's entertainment chief said on Tuesday.

NBC's Jeff Zucker, who has already canned two high-profile new series, said while networks question some of Nielsen Media Research's numbers this year, TV executives need also look in the mirror."

I think it's funny how these super-hyped shows gets cancelled so quickly. Does no one believe in building anything anymore, or must everything show up perfect?

With the vast media landscape of today, it takes a longer time for people to find stuff that is decent. Now, these shows probably sucked (given the general ratio of decent/sucky programming) and deserved to die, but I know of a couple that I would have been fans of, but they got axed before I took the time to watch them.

The old-school nature of the television medium, and the utter loss of control that is associated with its use, is causing the medium as a whole to lose viewers. This will continue until they adjust. And broadcast flags, that ain't the right ticket.

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