Thursday, November 06, 2003

Bake sale stirs debate on affirmative action

Bake sale stirs debate on affirmative action: "It sold just three cookies, but a unique bake sale Wednesday at Indiana University turned up the heat in an ongoing debate about affirmative action.

Modeled after similar events on campuses across the country, the sale offered cookies at different prices based on customers' race and gender. White males were charged $1; white females, Asians and Pacific Islanders, 75 cents; American Indians and Hispanics, 50 cents; and blacks, 25 cents."

Meanwhile, whites were given $50,000 a year on average by their parents to pay for the cookies, Asians and Pac Islers $40,000, Amer Inds and Hisps get $30,000, and of course, blacks get the shaft and not even a capital letter for their Race.

Think I'm full of shit, and not adding anything to the 'debate'? Fine, use that agnst as fertilizer while you do some reading.

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