Wednesday, December 17, 2003

U.S. rejects Israeli protests - The Washington Times: World

U.S. rejects Israeli protests - The Washington Times: World: "The Bush administration yesterday brushed aside Israeli objections to planned U.S. meetings with the architects of the 'Geneva initiative,' an alternative Israeli-Palestinian peace plan launched in Switzerland this week.

'I am the American secretary of state. I have an obligation ... to listen to individuals who have interesting ideas,' said Secretary of State Colin L. PowelI yesterday.

'[This] in no way undercuts our strong support for the state of Israel,' Mr. Powell said. "

Seems to be moving forward. The plan looks like a pretty solid compromise, IMHO. I haven't seen any sunstantive criticism of it from Israel yet (although I'm sure that's my bad), so I'm surious to hear why they don't want us talking to anyone about a peace accord.

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