Friday, December 05, 2003 - Your Miami Everything Guide - Your Miami Everything Guide: "BUENOS AIRES - At the height of the Argentine military junta's bloody ''dirty war'' against leftists in the 1970s, then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the Argentine foreign minister that ''we would like you to succeed,'' a newly declassified U.S. document reveals.

The transcript of the meeting between Kissinger and Navy Adm. C├ęsar Augusto Guzzetti in New York on Oct. 7, 1976, is the first documentary evidence that the Gerald Ford administration approved of the junta's harsh tactics, which led to the deaths or ''disappearance'' of some 30,000 people from 1975 to 1983."

Whew, thank god we didn't sign that ICC thingy. Hell, some people might be held accountable if we did. And we can't have that, sure, we demand it from everyone else, but we certainly can't be expected to follow our own rules.

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