Monday, December 29, 2003

Dean's secure in his view of Saddam

Dean's secure in his view of Saddam: "In his interview with the Monitor, Howard Dean repeated his contention that Saddam Hussein's recent capture had made America no safer.
'My opponents spent the week criticizing me for that, which I think was to their detriment' since the federal government had just increased the terror alert level to orange, indicating an elevated risk of an attack.

But he said two other recent events had benefited national security: the capture of a ship loaded with drugs in the Persian Gulf - 'which is almost certainly how al-Qaida is partly financing their operations,' Dean said - and Libya's decision to declare its illegal weapons programs and get rid of them.

Dean said there was no evidence to suggest the Bush administration's use of force against Iraq had anything to do with Libya's move."

More on Dean. I'm really curious to see polls of frequent Fox News viewers and their opinions on Dean. The frequency of attacks coming from that particular source are so consistent and generally misleading they could only find a home on, well, Faux News.

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