Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Internet hasn't reeled in everyone yet | csmonitor.com

The Internet hasn't reeled in everyone yet | csmonitor.com: "That raises the question of whether the much-talked-about 'digital divide' between those online and those not is closing. The Pew findings show that the poor and less-educated are online less than the affluent. Among Americans with less than a high school education, Internet usage dropped from 31 percent in January 2002 to 26 percent in August 2003, the report says.

Of those who don't use the Internet, at least one third, or about 10 percent of all adult Americans, would be online if they could, says Donna Hoffman, an Internet researcher at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

'There would be more growth if only there were programs or opportunities for people who can't afford it,' she says. 'The Internet is clearly indispensible now, and when you have a technology that's indispensible, there's no question there's a role for the government in taking a look at what happens when people don't have that access ... and what are the implications of that.'

Some people who can afford the technology aren't sure the benefits of being online outweigh the perceived drawbacks."

Well there ya go. I wonder if anyone has some ideas?

Bueller, Bueller?

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