Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Mercury News | 12/09/2003 | Governor won't probe allegations after all

Mercury News | 12/09/2003 | Governor won't probe allegations after all: "SACRAMENTO - Just weeks after vowing to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against him, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has changed his mind, saying it's ``time to move on.''

More than a dozen allegations of harassment and groping surfaced against the movie-star-turned-politician in the last days of the recall campaign, prompting Schwarzenegger to acknowledge that he had sometimes ``behaved badly'' on ``rowdy movie sets.'' He apologized to anyone he may have offended, a mea culpa his communications director reiterated Monday.

``The governor, after consulting with legal counsel and advisers, has determined that an investigation would be rather pointless given the political nature that this has taken on,'' said Rob Stutzman, Schwarzenegger's communications director."

Does this include all future investigations and accusations also?

Hey, at least he's got that 'tell the voters one thing, do another' political dance down. Who said this guy isn't qualified?

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