Monday, December 01, 2003

the RANT:: Media Bias

the RANT:: Media Bias: "The media doesn�t exist to inform the public, it exists to make money. It is really that simple. As long as the media is a for profit venture, designed to get ratings, the problem of bad reporting will forever be an issue. What many people don't realize is that for most of their existence the news divisions of the major networks, going back to the days of radio, were money-losing efforts, the evil government required that the broadcasters devote a percentage of their operating expenses to covering news or risk loseing their license to broadcast. As a result, you had news divisions that were under no pressure to 'get ratings' and the coverage was far less sensational and tended to focus on producing quality journalism. With little pressure to produce ratings broadcasters concentrated on covering the news with objectivity and public service as their primary goal."

Very true, I think this has been mentioned before.

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