Thursday, October 09, 2003

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush, in a new push to defend the war on Iraq in face of mounting doubts, says he acted to protect Americans from 'madman' Saddam Hussein.
'I acted because I was not about to leave the security of the American people in the hands of a madman. I was not about to stand by and wait and trust in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein,' Bush said in speech on Thursday in New Hampshire, site of the first presidential primary next year.

'Who could possible think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power?' he asked, laying down a rhetorical challenge to critics of his conduct of the war."

And 300+ American soldiers still alive with their families, 7000+ innocent Iraqis alive and resisting Hussein, untold thousands of Iraqi conscripts who couldn't give up fast enough given more time to do so, 100+ U.N. Volunteers still working to alleviate suffering. And Saddam Hussein still in power, as we work on a better way to remove him (or try and find more than 1 ally).

It's a tough rhetorical, I'll grant you that, but it's not a blank check justification. After those numbers keep mounting AND WE STILL HAVEN"T GOT HUSSEIN, the rhetorical looks just as empty as the 'Mission Accomplished'.

Here's one back for you, Mr. Bush. Can you think of any better way to spend $150,000,000,000 of our money than on a personal vendetta?

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