Thursday, October 16, 2003

Knowledge@Wharton - Advice for the RIAA

Knowledge@Wharton -: "The recording industry has a pricing problem. People do not want to pay $15-20 for a compact disc when they can download the same music for free over the Internet. The industry�s solution appears as novel as the technology that is giving it such headaches: launch hundreds of lawsuits against otherwise law-abiding consumers who download music. But, as Wharton legal studies professor G. Richard Shell writes below, this same tactic was tried 100 years ago against Henry Ford. It didn�t work then, and it won�t work today. Shell is author of a forthcoming book on legal and business strategy."

Hey look, free and obvious advice for the RIAA. Smiply put: Stop suing your customers and work on your business (and no, your business is not to just sit on old copyrights and collect money).

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