Thursday, October 23, 2003

Vermeer's Camera

Vermeer's Camera: "Vermeer's Camera
This painting, often referred to as 'The Music Lesson', was created by the great Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer in the 1660s. It shows an exquisitely painted interior scene, with a woman playing the virginals and a man listening. The woman has her back to us, although we can see a reflection of her face in the mirror on the wall. The man's role is unclear. He appears to be wearing an outdoor coat, and is carrying a stick. Has he just stepped inside from the street, to ask the woman a question, and now hangs on her answer? Is he a relation? Her teacher? Her lover? The answer to this little mystery we may never know. But this painting contains a quite extraordinary set of clues about a much bigger mystery, one which has only recently been deciphered. "

Interesting read on a cool little site.

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