Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A Grim Arab Survey of Rights and Education

A Grim Arab Survey of Rights and Education: "[A]MMAN, Jordan, Oct. 20 (AP) — Arab experts issued a report on Monday that finds the Arab world lacking in three areas they deem fundamental to development: freedom of expression, access to knowledge and empowerment of women.

The group, which was criticized by Arab officials for a similar report last year, said the challenges caused by the deficiencies 'may have become even graver.' "

Yep, keep half your population out of your economy and see what happens.

Ahh, read the rest of the article and it becomes clear. Arabs don't have enough Internet.
The report noted that the Arab region had 18 computers for each 1,000 people, compared with the global average of 78. Fewer than 2 percent of Arabs have Internet access, compared with 79 percent of Americans.


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