Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Bush: Democracy and Tolerance Best Antidote to Terror (

Bush: Democracy and Tolerance Best Antidote to Terror ( "Two of the Islamic participants had said in advance that they planned to tell Bush that they strongly object to some of his policies, contending that they could not see a peaceful world based on his handlings of the Palestinians. Sources said the meeting was tense and that the clerics hit Bush with a barrage of criticism.

In a rare chat with reporters on Air Force One before he landed in Canberra, Bush said the leaders had brought prepared texts to the half hour meeting. He called it 'a good exchange' and said he was glad to do it.

'You listened,' national security adviser Condoleezza Rice interjected.

'Well, they did a lot of talking,' Bush replied.

'They had a lot to say,' she agreed.

In response to a question, Bush said that among the issues that were discussed were the recently publicized comments of Lt. Gen. Willam G. Boykin suggesting that the U.S. campaign against terrorism is part of a battle against a “spiritual enemy” named Satan. “Boykin came up,” the president said. “I said, he didn’t reflect my opinion. Look, it just doesn’t reflect what the government thinks. And I think they were pleased to hear that.’ On Bali, Bush held a joint press availability with Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri under a canopy on the beach after two hours of meetings with her Cabinet and the religious leaders."

My bad, I thought invading countries that might possibly have ties to terror, ever worked with terrorists, or stand in the way of Pax Americana was the best antidote to terror. I'll have to start listening more to what Mr. Bush has to say, rather than what he does.

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