Friday, October 17, 2003

The Salt Lake Tribune -- SCO gets infusion of $50M

The Salt Lake Tribune -- SCO gets infusion of $50M: "Utah's SCO Group got a huge vote of confidence Thursday in the form of a $50 million investment from BayStar Capital, a technology and life sciences venture capital firm.

Crafted as a private placement, the net proceeds of the deal will leave Lindon-based SCO with about $61 million in cash. The company said the money will go to develop future Unix and Web services software, attract new strategic partners and protect SCO's intellectual property rights. "

This is one of those articles that is pretty much crap. This SCO/Linux thing has been going on for a while, and every time SCO mentions a bit of code (or even doesn't mention it) it gets removed, or people notice that it wasn't needed anyway.

But to think, much less say, that this investment isn't a 'bet on litigation' is a bald-faced lie. SCO has no market, no product, and no future, outside of the lawsuit.

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