Monday, October 06, 2003

Baghdad Burning:: Understanding the "Sheikh"

Baghdad Burning: "When people hear the word �tribe� or �sheikh�, they instantly imagine, I�m sure, Bedouins on camels and scenes from Lawrence of Arabia. Many modern-day Sheikhs in Iraq have college degrees. Many have lived abroad and own property in London, Beirut and various other glamorous capitals� they ride around in Mercedes� and live in sprawling villas fully furnished with Victorian furniture, Persian carpets, oil paintings, and air conditioners. Some of them have British, German or American wives. A Sheikh is respected highly both by his clan members and by the members of other clans or tribes. He is usually considered the wisest or most influential member of the family. He is often also the wealthiest."

...and other interesting tidbits. The kids went back to school this week. This is good news.

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