Sunday, July 23, 2006

Working Toward the Paper Trail

Voting measure may appear on ballot

After the whackiness that happened in Florida in 2000 and the outright weirdness in Ohio in 2004, getting a verified paper trail for voting should be one the largest issues in our Democracy. But considering who benefited from said irregularities, you can guess why it isn't.
"Concerned voters in 15 Florida counties are closely watching Sarasota's paper ballot referendum this fall before considering similar initiatives.

Volunteers for SAFE - the Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections - gathered 2,000 more signatures than the required 12,030 well before the July 7 deadline, and Elections Supervisor Kathy Dent has certified the signatures as valid.

The final ballot language and title were submitted to the county commission this week by lawyers for SAFE.

The proposal would require independent, voter-verified paper ballots and random audits of voting machines in selected precincts across the county immediately following an election, by 2008."

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