Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On Bill Gates tackling poverty and disease in Africa | Society | Sarah Boseley: on Bill Gates tackling poverty and disease in Africa

As many issues as I have with Microsoft's monopolistic business practices, I have to hand it someone like Gates for taking this next step.
" 'We're not going to give up working on an Aids vaccine. Not in my lifetime.' And when I ask if he could reach a point when he will decide that too much money has been spent with nothing to show for it, he answers with what passes for a laugh: 'Ask me in 30 years' time.'

Regardless of anyone's views on Microsoft's business practices, it is an attitude that has to command respect. As he says himself, no government facing election every four years would take such risks. He is not standing in for rich governments - he is doing what they do not dare to do. If this is what philanthropy is about in our times, perhaps we should just be glad."

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