Saturday, July 22, 2006

Six months of rising Mideast tensions

Reuters AlertNet - CHRONOLOGY-Six months of rising Mideast tensions

This is an excellent run-down of major events during the last 6 months. It does, however, leave out any mention of the Iranian nuclear program, so it does lack a bit of context.
"July 16 (Reuters) - Here is a chronology of the events this year leading to the violence between Israel and the Hizbollah guerrilla group in Lebanon.

Jan. 25 - Islamic militant group Hamas defeats Fatah movement of moderate President Mahmoud Abbas in first Palestinian parliamentary election in a decade.

Jan. 30 - Hamas rejects a call from the Middle East Quartet to renounce violence and recognise Israel.

Feb. 19 - Israel halts its monthly transfer of millions of dollars to the PA ahead of the formation of a Hamas-led cabinet."

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