Saturday, July 22, 2006

Baghdad's Darkest Days

Notebook: Baghdad's Darkest Days, Lee Cowan On Continued Violence Against Iraqi Civilians - CBS News

This is actually from nearly a month ago. And no, it's not gotten better since then.
"It's hard to imagine, but the last week in and around Baghdad has been relatively quiet, at least by the macabre standards that apply here. That said, since Monday night, suicide bombers, IEDs and car bombs have left more than 40 people dead - all of them civilians.

You can hear gunfire on the streets every night. Random shootouts don't even make headlines anymore � they're not big enough. But you hear of them anyway. A string of people selling gas on the streets, a harmless innovative way to make money these days, were shot and killed. The reason? No one really knows. Their gas cans weren't stolen; they were left full next to their victims. "

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