Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The DLC Won't Talk About Corporate Power

The Blog | Jonathan Tasini: The DLC Won't Talk About Corporate Power | The Huffington Post

After reading through the DLC's tepid program, it's easy to see why they are called "Republican-Lite." To pull another example, like the ones in the linked article, they are saying that everyone should have the right (and "responsibility") to be ripped off by pharmaceutical companies.
"The Democratic Leadership Council has, once again, shown why it cannot be trusted with the future of America's workers. It has rolled out yet another poll-tested, slogan-filled program/manifesto that is neither bold, visionary, and, more important, simply perpetuates a massive fraud on hard-working Americans.

Yesterday, the DLC unveiled "Saving the American Dream," which claims to be a plan to save the middle-class.

And to deal with the economy we face today, what does the DLC propose as its key solution? College. "
You can understand how tepid this program is by reading this CNN post.

Like this...
"America needs to work for everyone, not just the privileged and the powerful," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday at the Democratic Leadership Council's 10th annual "National Conversation" in Denver. "Democrats can be the change agents our country needs."
Okay..so what is this change of which you speak?
"In the end if it's going to be a Democratic year, and if we're going to build the foundation for taking the White House back we're going to have to do it by what we stand for, by the values and ideas that we promote," DLC founder and CEO Al From said.
Which are???!!!??
Clinton helped design and unveil the DLC's "American Dream Initiative," a policy agenda geared toward expanding economic, health care and educational opportunities for the middle class.
By doing...what, exactly?!!
"It's an agenda that we hope will unite Democrats and help elect Democrats across the country this November," Clinton said. "As Americans, we know what's wrong with the other side: They're not taking care of America."
Aahh, by not being Neocons.

The problem is that they've already assumed Neocon framing. As it states on page 6 of the pdf.."The Bush administration ushered in runaway spending and tax cuts for the wealthy, putting us deep in debt to our economic competitors even as we must fight a prolonged war on terror" [emphasis mine]. So, the DLC is sooo different from the Neocons they ADOPT THE EXACT SAME RHETORIC FOR THE EXACT SAME STUPID WAR AGAINST A TACTIC.

I'd much rather the Dems go left and fight for something, rather than go right and just change the letters around (exchanging an "R" for a "D") while doing the exact same crap.

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