Saturday, February 28, 2004

In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark

In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark: "n 1985, a 31-year-old North Carolina lawyer named John Edwards stood before a jury and channeled the words of an unborn baby girl.

Referring to an hour-by-hour record of a fetal heartbeat monitor, Mr. Edwards told the jury: 'She said at 3, `I'm fine.' She said at 4, `I'm having a little trouble, but I'm doing O.K.'
Five, she said, `I'm having problems.' At 5:30, she said, `I need out.' '"

And so the forture on one of the frontronners did grow. This is about a month old. Hey, you don't make it to world stage as a pauper. It is sad to think that Edwards represents all those jerks who do personal injury advertising during the day on TV. If you ever forget to question to accuracy of television being described as a "vast wasteland," spend a day or two at home sick watching what plays between 10 and 4. Vast is an understatement. Obscenity on the airwaves? Does economic obscenity count?

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