Sunday, February 29, 2004

02.28.04 Simulator provides thrills of NASCAR driving

02.28.04 Simulator provides thrills of NASCAR driving: "At Steve Katz� Grand Junction automotive shop, envision yourself as Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing Daytona at 200 mph, banking the curves, speeding up on the straightaways.

Not quite adept at driving 200 mph, you bounce off the wall. You crash the car, leaving skid marks on the track and puffs of smoke in the air.

The crowd goes crazy. A deafening roar rises from the stands as other drivers burn by with earsplitting thunder.

No problem.

Katz has the computer on the �No Damage,� setting, so you gently touch the gas pedal and tear off again down the asphalt."

Gaming goodness. I've been to Grand Junction. This could be a big tourist draw, during the indoor month.

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