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Archos AV320 review

Archos AV320 review: "The Archos AV320 is a notable improvement over the Archos Jukebox Multimedia. The key is a significantly larger 3.8' display that takes up most of the AV320's sizable faceplate. The Archos Jukebox Multimedia, released at a time when color LCD displays were much more expensive, utilized a 1.5' display to keep its price reasonable. It was a very good display for its small size, but we still wanted a larger screen."

Mommy likes. Comments Thingee (626506) Comments Thingee (626506)

That worked rather well. 5000 hits for 2500 pennies.

How to Pay for the War in Iraq (a humble suggestion)

O.k. I don't think there is a question about it. It's going to cost a freakin' assload of cash to bring Iraq up to speed.

This is a wholly worthwhile goal, and will benefit the world in many ways. As an American, I fell a certain responsibility for what has taken place so far.

I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think I've got a solution, or at least a suggestion on how we can make an improvement in the current situation.

End the War of Drugs. Let's call a Truce. A Ceasefire. We have a greater terror facing our country than an infestation of weeds.

Over the last ... [wah looks for a link...finds one and starts laughing] ... X number of years, Y amount of money has been spent fighting this War on Drugs. Don't believe me? Click here, and keeping reading and clicking. There is a better way, a more important war, to spend this money on.

It's a simple suggestion.

So what the hell can you do? Make it an issue. A humble suggestion. Infiltrate every single campagin for every single candidate of every single affiliation. Build consensus. On the DL.

The money is right there. And there's more where that came from.

Freedom isn't free. I understand that. It's one of those statements that be taken literally, or figuratively. In this case, and since I really like to do so, I'm going to take it literally and do something.

For every $100 I spend on an over-priced, genetically engineered and professionally cultivated plant that comes into my possession, I'm gonna throw $50 at a good charity fighting the new war in Iraq. Or at least the part that they can. I've put $150 on it so far, and if you don't believe me, say say, and I'll post the email, or a scan of a letter.

Really, I know it's not that much, no big deal. But that's only one person. Those are only two zeros. Billions of dollars are being wasted on a war that has left our country with the highest gross and per capita prison population in the world.

Why would I do that, and make my lifestyle more expensive? Who knows (;-)>? But I will. And all I ask is that you think about it. Look around this world of ours and notice that other people have come up with other solutions to the 'drug problem'. Ideas that don't always go through a prison. Ones that don't cost quite so much.

We need to fix our mistakes and turn them into successes, and here's an opportunity to strike two birds with one stone.


Anyway. Pass the idea along, the left, and back around to the right. We can pay for the War in Iraq, by de-funding a good part of the War on Drugs, or at least focus their attention on a more important problem.

We have to find a way to pay for this War, we are in. And I'd much rather we pay for extra cops with hazard pay in Iraq than in our own back yard, raiding the head shops of cultural icons.

There's a lot more to this argument, but I'll leave it at that for now. Feel free to comment (on the other site, when it comes back up).

And make sure to vote.

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man funny

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

The Agonist: Classified spending highest in 16 years

The Agonist: Classified spending highest in 16 years: "'Black,' or classified, programs requested in President Bush's 2004 defense budget are at the highest level since 1988, according to a report prepared by the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

The center concluded that classified spending next fiscal year will reach about $23.2 billion of the Pentagon's total request for procurement and research funding. When adjusted for inflation, that is the largest dollar figure since the peak reached during President Ronald Reagan's defense buildup 16 years ago. The amount in 1988 was $19.7 billion, or $26.7 billion if adjusted for inflation, according to the center."

Not surprising since this is probably the most secretive administration the U.S. had has this milennia.

<...turningtables...> : general

<...turningtables...>: "it's a 'war on terrorism'...kind of like a 'war on drugs'...and we know how well that one is panning out in america...unwinable...because the more you fight it...the smarter the enemy gets...the more you try to squash terrorists and terrorism...the more martyrs you create...the more troops yo send...the more symbols of rebellion against 'unjust occupiers' you spawn...the longer you 'occupy'...the more people will want to step up and take action...they want a higher meaning...and they want to do what they think is right...i'm terrified of this cycle...and it all seems so simple to me...i wonder why others can't see it..."

I just like the style over there. Good reading about sand bags and wanting to come home.

CBS News | 'Terror In The Name Of God' | August 20, 2003 13:49:26

CBS News | 'Terror In The Name Of God' | August 20, 2003 13:49:26: "While most of the major world religions are based on peace, most terrorists are religious fundamentalists — using violence in the name of God, Allah, or Jesus.

Terrorism expert Jessica Stern was mystified by that seeming discrepancy and traveled the world to try to get into the minds of terrorists. 'Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill' was the end result of the project."

Read more about it.

OBJECTIVE: Creation Education: Creation Science Fair 2001

OBJECTIVE: Creation Education: Creation Science Fair 2001: "Honorable Mention:
'God Made Kitty' - Sally Reister (grade 3)
'The Bible Says Creation' - Aaron Kent (grade 5)
'Pokemon Prove Evolutionism Is False' - Paul Sanborn (grade 4)"

Funny stuff.

U.S. Nears Deal on Drugs for Poor Countries

U.S. Nears Deal on Drugs for Poor Countries: "The United States said today that it was close to accepting an agreement, which it had rejected last December, to help poor nations buy generic medicines through exemptions from trade rules.
The reversal by Washington � meant to improve the access of millions of people in those countries to expensive patented medicines for AIDS and other diseases � could enhance the Bush administration's international standing and prevent the collapse of global trade talks to be held in Mexico next month"

Woohoo, good news out of Washtington.

Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought (

Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought ( "Brown and Root's revenue from Operation Iraqi Freedom is already rivaling its earnings from its contracts in the Balkans, and is a major factor in increasing the value of Halliburton shares by 50 percent over the past year, according to industry analysts. The company reported a net profit of $26 million in the second quarter of this year, in contrast to a $498 million loss in the same period last year."

Don't buy war bonds, buy Halliburton stock, then you, too, can make money off Iraqi oil and honest taxpayers.

<...turningtables...> On Patrol


Just a quick run out to the airport. More great 1st hand stuff.

Guardian Unlimited | Online | Auntie's digital revelation

Guardian Unlimited | Online | Auntie's digital revelation: "They are the great and the good of the BBC, and they are thrashing out the next Royal Charter: the Queen's own job spec for the BBC, setting out its goals and responsibilities for a decade, starting in 2006.

But planning for 2016 in today's media world is proving to be an impossible task. Why, notes one of the great and the good, what about this Napster business? With people copying music and television and film and distributing them among themselves for free, the whole business model on which commercial broadcasting depends could be undermined by 2016. It could...
He pauses.

'Wait a minute. Why do we care about them sharing our programmes?' "

More good stuff on the BBC's momentous decision. There really should be a 'bought it' clause in the U.S. copyright system. The conitnued extension of copyright terms has become ridiculous. To think that Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, and the Wizard of Oz haven't served their creators fully is foolish, IMHO. Locking them up at this point does more harm that good.

Regardless, I'll be fairly happy when I can set up a program to automatically download the day's news via P2P and have it waiting for me to watch or delete when I get home. Of course, I don't think this really applies to the 'World Service', so maybe this is still a pipe dream. By 2016 it won't be though, that I can dang near guarantee you (hell, TIVO is already there). Confessions of an Ex-Phone Psychic That Funny Site...: "To begin, we must set the scene. It was pre-9/11, but the economy was already headed south. As always, I was working as a self-employed web designer. Business was getting thin, and I was looking for ways to make a few extra bucks. I was discussing my plight with an online friend who was in a similar situation. We were joking about odd jobs we could do when she directed me to an ad on It went something like this:"

Make sure to read part two for the disturbing conclusion.

The Agonist: The Agonist Presents: Neoconservatism

The Agonist: The Agonist Presents: Neoconservatism: "This is an analysis of The Neoconservative Persuasion. It was a relief to finally have Kristol come out and redefine the “persuasion” known as Neoconservatism. It had gotten to the point where one would have been happy identifying it as a type of ‘Postmodern Conservatism’ - “We can’t tell you what it is but we can tell you what it’s not.”"

Curious. Good to see more people talking about this. Maybe the real conservatives will realize how little they have in common with the neo-cons.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Telegraph | News | Child killings leave bus bomber's family divided in grief

Telegraph | News | Child killings leave bus bomber's family divided in grief: "Raed Mesk's youngest sister, Samiya, had just been extolling her brother's brave act in murdering 20 Jews, many of them children, when his frail uncle, sitting quietly beside her, finally spoke up.
'Only God knows whether what he did was haram [forbidden] or halal [permitted],' said Abdul-Majid Mesk, speaking softly in Arabic. 'He was a father with young children and I believe what he did was wrong.'"

Good call, now spread the word. - Just-returned troops ready for new mission - Just-returned troops ready for new mission: "FORT BRAGG -- About 5,000 soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division will leave within days to relieve weary units struggling to pacify Iraq -- not that the 82nd's paratroopers are fresh themselves."

Well, uh, at least it means there might be more really good coming home stories.

The Memory Hole > White House Alters Webpages About Iraq Combat

The Memory Hole > White House Alters Webpages About Iraq Combat

Revisionist historians, hard at work. Well, actually revisionist headline writers, but they still work hard.

LT SMASH - Archives - Coming Home

LT SMASH - Archives - Coming Home: "I stood on a concrete barrier, facing east as the sky turned from gray to orange. An impossibly huge crimson sun broke through the horizon, silhouetting the large gantry cranes and casting long shadows behind the towering cement factory. It became smaller and brighter as it rose above the haze, its brilliance outshining the long flames flickering atop the oil refinery stacks. I could feel its warm rays kissing my face. It was pleasant for the moment, but before too long it would become painfully hot."

Very well written coming home story. I'd love to read a few more of 'em.

Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group's on-line system : Iraq Suggestions.

Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group's on-line system: "The horrific bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August 2003 has focused renewed attention on the question of who, if anyone, is capable of governing Iraq in the current highly volatile environment and, in particular, on what ought to be the respective roles, during the occupation period, of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), the Interim Governing Council and the United Nations. This report proposes a new distribution of authority between the three � potentially acceptable to the United States, the wider international community and the majority of Iraqis � which would enable Iraq�s transitional problems, including the critical issue of security, to be much more effectively addressed."

Everyone has suggestions. Now who's got my ears?

Bremer: Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions (

Bremer: Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions ( "Bremer said Iraqi revenue will not nearly cover the bill for economic needs 'almost impossible to exaggerate.' Just to meet current electrical demand will cost $2 billion, Bremer said, while a national system to deliver clean water will cost an estimated $16 billion over four years."

Hey, hey, what do you say? What's that, you've got bills to pay?

That's all right, that's o.k., at least you got A/C at the end of the day.

The Impact of Executive Orders on the Legislative Process: Executive Lawmaking?

The Impact of Executive Orders on the Legislative Process: Executive Lawmaking?: "Mr. Chairman and members of the Subcommittee, I want to thank you for this opportunity to testify before you regarding the impact of Executive Orders on the legislative process and the very real problem of presidential lawmaking by fiat."

XO 13303, continued reading.

ic Wales - Oxfam pulls out staff over security fears

ic Wales - Oxfam pulls out staff over security fears: "OXFAM has removed its international workers from Iraq due to insecurity problems, the charity said yesterday.
Brendan Cox, spokesman for the organisation, said a number of staff, including some Britons, left for Jordan on Monday, but that about 50 Iraqi workers were remaining."

More tough news. One of the few productive things I've been able to do is donate money to some of the organizations working to directly alleviate the worst by-products of the invasion.

The other report I noticed said they were entirely pulling out, so maybe this in, in fact, good news.

Discovery Channel :: Hubble Captures Mars Close-Up

Discovery Channel :: Hubble Captures Mars Close-Up: "Aug. 27, 2003 — The Hubble Space Telescope's newest picture of Mars shows summer on the Red Planet just as it makes its closest pass by Earth in 60,000 years.
The image, taken on Tuesday 11 hours before the closest approach, shows in fine detail the scarred surface of Mars, including the 270-mile- (450-km-) diameter Huygens crater near the center of the image, according to a NASA press release."

This has been fun to keep an eye on for the last couple of months. Some of the picture are quite amazing. We should have more when one of those spaceships make planetfall near the end of the year.

Editorial Archive :: When will you stop slaying the innocents?

Editorial Archive :: When will you stop slaying the innocents? :: The Independent Voice of Iraq - IRAQ TODAY: "Do you think that your operations against innocents, humanitarian organizations and Iraqi bystanders can be called 'resistance' or 'jihad'? Who told you that, when you murder Christians, that you are killing 'unbelievers'? Muslims and Christians lived in peace and brotherhood under the tent of the Prophet Mohammed long ago.

Why can't you follow the Prophet's example? Will there come a day when even Christian Iraqis are to be liquidated? Haven't you considered that those Americans you have been killing have families waiting for their return home, just like yours wait for you?"

I hope these guys are publishing on the streets as well as the Net.

Garage Tennis

Makai Media • The Best Flash Games on the net!!!

Played a game like this when I was a kid, although we used our hands and called it 'ricochet'.

Martin Luther King - Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King - Letter from Birmingham Jail: "Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial 'outside agitator' idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds."

Hmm, haven't read this one before. Nice to see where popular quotes come from.

More of XO 13303

SEEN: "The Bush/Cheney administration has moved quickly to ensure US corporate control over Iraqi resources at least through the year 2007. The first part of the plan, created by the UN under US pressure is the Development Fund for Iraq which is being controlled by the US and advised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The second is a recent Bush executive order that provides absolute legal protection for U.S. interests in Iraqi oil."

Not sure how much of this is standard practice. Continuing with the reading.

Pulling apart XO 13303 | News: "Aside from the logical decision to end immunity after the initial sale of crude oil, the UN resolution provides an exception to that immunity in the event of an oil spill or other ecological disaster. Shockingly, the ever-green Bush neglected to include that exception in his executive order. So if an oil tanker leaks or spills Iraqi oil, the US corporation and individuals responsible wouldn't actually be held, well -- responsible."

Executive Order 13303, an oil-exec's dream come true.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Op-ed: Pride and prejudice in Iraq

Daily Times - Site Edition: "Op-ed: Pride and prejudice in Iraq"

I was going to put together one of these myself, but others have done a pretty solid job and links are easier.

Big Shiite demonstration outside coalition headquarters, U.S. death toll stands at 276 / Latest News / World / Big Shiite demonstration outside coalition headquarters, U.S. death toll stands at 276: "Thousands of Shiite Muslims protested peacefully Monday night outside the headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition in Baghdad, charging the occupation force was lax on security and did too little to stop a weekend of ethnic bloodshed in the north and the bombing at the house of an important Muslim Shiite cleric in the south.
The U.S. military reported a soldier died of a non-hostile gunshot wound, bringing the number of soldiers killed since major combat was declared over to 138. A total of 276 soldiers have died in combat or by accident since the war began March 20."

Not sure what the next milestone is. I don't think there are the ones we want to be passing.

Asia Times -How the Taliban builds its army

Asia Times -How the Taliban builds its army: "Progress in science and technology has a direct impact on battlefields, where missile technology, supreme aircraft, nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and the like have changed the dynamics of fighting over the years.

However, despite such advancements in technology, the human element, notably inspiration, remains a decisive force in any struggle. The Taliban, perhaps, realized this a long time ago, and in their period in power in Afghanistan from 1996-2001 they placed much emphasis on generating the human resources that would be committed to their cause."

The human will is a powerful weapon, if only because none of the others work without it.

Turkmens rap US, urge Turkey to send troops to Iraq

Turkmens rap US, urge Turkey to send troops to Iraq: "''The United States pledged to bring peace and democracy to Iraq...(But) we see that the Turkmens have been ignored and that peace has not been established in Iraq,'' Ahmet Muratli, Ankara representative of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, told reporters. "

More northern front worries. Getting to the fruits of democracy from this point is going to be quite a journey.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka :: BBC Unleashed

Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka: "The BBC's job isn't to make money out of ingenious intellectual property arrangements, or barging its way to take a share of a DRM-restricted viewing pot. Despite how it looks sometimes, the BBC isn't just another Fox or Warner Bros. The BBC's job - or part of it - is to distribute knowledge. Or, in the terms of its founding father, Lord Reith, to 'inform, educate and entertain'."

More good commentary on the BBC media landslide. We'll keep you up to date.

Hangingday :: Journal :: The BBC Creative Archive: what the Internet was invented for

Hangingday :: Journal :: The BBC Creative Archive: what the Internet was invented for: "Greg Dyke's announcement that the BBC is to make the 'treasure trove of BBC content available to all' [ shortish report | longish speech ] is going to make a few businessmen very worried and everyone else very happy. "

Yes, this is good. I'm really looking forward to leeching the collected works of the BBC, at least if anyone ever finds any good stuff over there, and then getting these P2P networks seeded with some real content that doesn't include nudity or pop singers.

Net gains b y Cory Doctorow / News / Boston Globe / Editorial / Opinion / Op-ed / Net gains: "But the consolidation of media in recent years -- a series of intermarriages consecrated by the FCC -- has created a panic among tube-feeding activists like myself. Increasingly, the opportunity to define the 'truth' has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. What's more, the new Media Hyperbarons are corporations of such colossal wealth and power that they are guaranteed to support the status quo that gave rise to them."

light discussion of some of the progress the Net has made into politics, despite the hopes of early crypto-libertarians that such a move could be avoided (and in fact, was unneeded).

Gul: Iraq's Territorial Integrity Should Not Be Disrupted - Turkish Daily News from Turkey

Gul: Iraq's Territorial Integrity Should Not Be Disrupted - Turkish Daily News from Turkey: "ANKARA - Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said on Monday that Iraq's territorial integrity should not be disrupted, stating that fighting with members of the terrorist organization in northern part of Iraq was the duty of the forces prevailing in the region."

All is not quite quiet on the Nortern Front. There has been some slight rumbling up there, but mostly things have been much smoother. If more terrorists (or sympathizers) start pressing for an independant Kurdish state stuff could get ugle.


DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2002®: "NYT media watcher Jim Rutenberg is preparing to root out a memorandum posted recently in the Fox News computer system: 'The urge may seem irresistible to play off Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career,' Moody wrote. 'Resist it. Otherwise the effect is often to belittle the candidacy of the front-runner for one of the most important offices in the U.S., and that's not fair and balanced. No more references to 'Conan,' 'Terminator,' and 'Kindergarten Cop' as shorthand for the candidate.... Certainly don't suggest he is part of a 'circus' or lump him in with novelty candidates' like Gary Coleman... Ask yourself if your clever turn of phrase is suggesting that Schwarzenegger's candidacy isn't a serious one. That's exactly the case his political opponents want to press. We need to play it down the middle.' "

Ah, I see. So there won't be any name-calling of Democratic Presidential candidates, then, hmmm?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

The Agonist: Oil pipeline bursts have environmental impact

The Agonist: Oil pipeline bursts have environmental impact: "The slick moved downstream, touching almost every river community it met. But nowhere were the effects more dramatic than in Hiit, 200 km west of Baghdad and about 40 km away from the spill itself. Residents here woke up on August 14 to find oil mixed in with their tap water, spattered along their vegetable fields, and contaminating irrigation canals."

Giving props to the Agonish, once again. I'm taking suggestions for solutions.



hey hey, look what somebody found. I need to add the rest of the stuff.

Plastic: Saddam's 'Emergency Exit'

Plastic: Saddam's 'Emergency Exit': "
16. Maybe the WMDs are buried at sea...

by n29_w95 [ message privately ]"

One of the funniest comments I've read in a good long while.

The story also has some interesting information about where the WMD might be (i.e. anywhere)?

Tangled Up in His Flight Suit

Tangled Up in His Flight Suit: "In a NEWSWEEK Poll, voters still think the president is doing a good job overall and still believe�by a 2-1 margin�that invading Iraq was the right thing to do. But there is soggy ground beneath those numbers. Voters are growing antsy about the war�s financial costs (and see it weakening the American economy), are dubious about its value in reducing terrorism and are eager for the United Nations to take over. For the first time since 9/11, people say they'd rather elect someone other than Bush in 2004. "

See that vote stat analysis lower on down the page, and prepare for a terrorist attack or new war in the next year or so.

The Agonist: Experts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones

The Agonist: Experts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones: "Sun-Herald: Huddled over a fleet of abandoned Iraqi drones, U.S. weapons experts in Baghdad came to one conclusion: Despite the Bush administration's public assertions, these unmanned aerial vehicles weren't designed to dispense biological or chemical weapons."

Strike two. or three, or four. Who's keeping count...see next link.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Priest Death Sentence Carried Out "Former priest John Geoghan (search), a convicted child molester who was accused of sex abuse by more than 130 people, was killed in prison Saturday, according to safety officials."

I'm not sure what this says about our justice system.

Tikrit, Iraq :: Back Online.

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) - The U.S. army opened the first unrestricted Internet access in Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit Saturday in a bid to convince skeptical Iraqis their occupation will bring tangible benefits.

Naji Dawood Khalid, who works at the new cafe, said at the previous government-controlled Internet office on the same site, he would allow some trusted friends to surf more freely.

"But they were watching in Baghdad and they would call and say 'Computer No. 11 is using a bad site' so it was a big risk. Once, they cut my wages by half and threatened to put me in jail," he said.

The inauguration of the cafe was delayed several times because of attacks in Tikrit from anti-American guerrillas, including an explosion nearby which blew the windows out and damaged equipment barely a week previously.

In Tikrit Saturday, new users were eagerly checking news about British football and Hollywood celebrities, as well as testing out search engines by typing in requests for "George Bush" and "Saddam Hussein.""

Very nice. - Rocket explodes on pad, killing at least 21 - Aug. 22, 2003 - Rocket explodes on pad, killing at least 21 - Aug. 22, 2003: "BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- A rocket exploded on its launch pad Friday during tests just days before liftoff, killing 21 people and injuring 20 others, the defense ministry said. "

I hate seeing rocket scientists go up in flames. I hope they stick with it, although I must admit, I was nearly as surprised learning Brazil had a space program as that is wasn't working so well.

Asia Times - Cuba blows the whistle on Iranian jamming

Asia Times - Cuba blows the whistle on Iranian jamming: "The Islamic Republic of Iran might lose one of its very few friends in the world, Cuba, which, according to American officials, has officially informed them that the Iranian embassy in Havana was the source of jamming programs send out by US-based Iranian radio and television stations aimed at mainland Iran."

We shall attack them with information on all frequencies. The revolution will not be televised, it will be bought with the blood of patriots and innocents, as usual.

Baby steps.


Prison-A-Go-Go! - QUICKTIME 10MB TRAILER: "Dallas, TX"

This is the first bonus from my high school reunion. My HS had a pretty solid media team, and some of them kept at it. - Fox News loses attempt to block satirist's book - Aug. 22, 2003 - Fox News loses attempt to block satirist's book - Aug. 22, 2003: "Saying 'This is an easy case,' a federal judge ruled Friday against Fox News in its lawsuit asserting that a book by liberal satirist Al Franken violates its trademarked slogan, 'fair and balanced.'
Fox was seeking an injunction to halt distribution of 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.'
U.S. District Judge Denny Chin, after listening to about half an hour of oral arguments, said the lawsuit was 'wholly without merit, both factually and legally.' "

Finally, a judge declares that calling Fox 'Fair and Balanceed' is both factually and legally incorrect.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Not Geniuses

Not Geniuses: "First, let's go over some information on how to write a good letter to the editor. The biggest thing is don't be insulting, don't collapse into partisan hysteria. Be calm and factual -- your viewpoint is right, you don't have to scream. Remember, the people who are going to be reading these are not the Freepers or the webmasters at Bush's website -- they are reporters and ombudsmen. "

Bonus, I used this thing the other day to send out about 20 letters. Fun stuff.

Bush's party to raise funds via Noida, Gurgaon (India)

Bush�s party to raise funds via Noida, Gurgaon: "This is the first time such a project has been handed out to a company outside the US. The market research and public relations companies engaged by the party usually undertake such projects.
HCL eServe has put in place a team of 75 people to work on the project out of its call centres in Noida and Gurgaon. According to industry sources, the number of seats could be ramped up depending on the success of the campaign. These operators are required to call up people in the US seeking their support for President George W Bush and a donation for the Republican cause."

Aah, those cheap labor conservatives, gotta love 'em. At least they are consistent.

On Iraq (Congressional Hearings)

On Iraq

Just doing some source research.

Super Graph on Bush Approval Rating

Bush Approval Rating

How much does it sicken me that an incredibly useful political strategy might be to let another disaster strike this country?

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Auspicious Beginnings

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Auspicious Beginnings

This is painful to read. But I still somehow managed to make it through. Yet another strong argument for nested discussion.

Recall Poll

Recall Poll

It can't be real, can it?

Thursday, August 21, 2003

U.S. Department of State/IIP - The First 100 Days of Freedom in Iraq

U.S. Department of State/IIP - The First 100 Days of Freedom in Iraq

Make that a frickin' huge one.

United Press International: Walker's World: Why hit the U.N.?

United Press International: Walker's World: Why hit the U.N.?: "There are three main sources of inspiration for what we had better start calling Phase 2 of the Iraq conflict -- the guerilla war."

A pretty big one.

Magnet for Evil

Magnet for Evil

I feel a rant coming on.

Gulf War Vets Sue for Chemical Damage CONNECTICUT: "Sixteen veterans from the Persian Gulf War filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, N.Y., against 11 chemical companies and 33 banks from throughout the world that allegedly helped Iraq construct and support its extensive chemical warfare program."

Not a bad idea to try and cash in, since the VA is moving to get rid of health care benefits.



Part of the reason my head hurts this morning. Fun stuff.

Everquest leads to Mortal Neglect

The Morning News :: News: "SPRINGDALE -- Three-year-old Brianna Cordell died sweltering in a closed car, while her mother was engrossed in a computer fantasy-game, according to police. "

If you ever wondered why we have the word 'tragedy', here ya go.

Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will.

Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will.

Dukes of Hazzard as a metaphor for the SCO/Linux debacle.

Note: this should not be considered professional legal analysis.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

TCS: Tech - Blame Canada

TCS: Tech - Blame Canada: "A desperate American recording industry is waging a fierce fight against digital copyright infringement seemingly oblivious to the fact that, for practical purposes, it lost the digital music sharing fight over five years ago. In Canada."

Interestng point on file-sharing, it's legality in certain jurisdictions, and the international nature of the Net.

Reality Reflects Simpsons

Excite ????? : ??

Looks like Homer's brother found some foreign investors.

Reuters AlertNet - FDA drops digestive warning from olestra

Reuters AlertNet - FDA drops digestive warning from olestra: "The decision comes after an FDA review of new scientific data, including clinical studies of people eating olestra, a substance made from soybeans and sugar, under 'real-life' conditions, P&G said on Friday."

I.e. people in this country eat such crap that so many have loose stools to begin with, they most likely won't notice when it is extra loose thanks to fake fat.

Renesys Corporation - Analysis of Blackout via Routing Tables.

Internet Level Blackout Analysis

Detailed analysis of an Internet's eye view of the 2003 Blackout via Internet routing tables (with graphs).

Franz Kafka's THE METAMORPHOSIS adapted by Peter Kuper

Franz Kafka's THE METAMORPHOSIS adapted by Peter Kuper

This looks pretty cool. I'm not familiar with the original work, but this looks like a rather accessible window into it.

Straight offa MeFi. - News -Phish Bassist Arrested For Child Endangerment - News -Phish Bassist Arrested For Child Endangerment: "Police said the girl was fully clothed when she was found, and a source close to the band insisted there was nothing inappropriate about the pictures taken by Gordon. Police have issued Gordon a court date, but the band source said the family has decided not to file charges. "

Pretty much end-of-story, it would seem. Good thing too, since I like hearing Gordon and his band mates make music.

World squirms as Sobig returns | CNET

World squirms as Sobig returns | CNET

Gah, I'm getting hammered by this one on my wah [at] address. I'm starting to think this might be a concerted digital attack.

G. - in Baghdad -

G. - in Baghdad -

Great post and comments. Many focused on the beating of the guy who tooks the pics. Again, the reason for sterotypical perception abounds.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Bush Revises Views On 'Combat' in Iraq (

Bush Revises Views On 'Combat' in Iraq ( "President Bush, revising his earlier characterization of the fighting in Iraq, said in an interview released yesterday that combat operations are still underway in that country"

I think there was a 'while on vacation' missing in that sentence.

the bridge - My Firsthand Account of The Whole Gordon Incident

the bridge - My Firsthand Account of The Whole Gordon Incident

Update for a story earlier today. The post is from a guy at Clear Channel who was at the show. Thank to MeFi for the update.

'Phish' Bassist Arrested; Allegedly Found In Secluded Area With 9-Year-Old - News - 'Phish' Bassist Arrested; Allegedly Found In Secluded Area With 9-Year-Old: "Mike Gordon, 38, was arrested after being found late at night in a secluded area with a 9-year-old girl. The girl's parents raised an alarm when she disappeared from a backstage area at Jones Beach Theater, WNBC-TV reported. But following private conversations between the band's manager and the child's parents, there's a question about whether the band's bassist will avoid facing that charge."

Pete Townshend, part 2. We'll see if Gordo get's the same treatment and the same conclusion (that's a not guilty for those who didn't follow Townshends story).

DW-WORLD.DE - U.S. Lodges WTO Complaint against Europe over GM Food

DW-WORLD.DE - U.S. Lodges WTO Complaint against Europe over GM Food: "The transatlantic dispute over biotech products escalated this week after the United States formally asked the World Trade Organization to declare the EU’s refusal to import most genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as illegal."

I don't see much a problem with a label. I do kinda like having a control (EU) and an experimental population (US) to see if there is any serious danger from GMO's, be it from strange mutations and fat asses to unforeseen consequences in other organisms in the biosphere.

DefenseLINK News Releases

DefenseLINK News Releases

Just ran into this page. Ugh.

Getting a glimpse at SCO's evidence | CNET

Getting a glimpse at SCO's evidence | CNET "According to those who viewed the code at SCO Forum, company representatives showed off several categories of code that allegedly infringed its copyrights, including some lines that appeared to be directly copied, some that were derivative works and some that were obfuscated, such as code from which legal disclaimers had been removed. (This reporter declined to sign the nondisclosure agreement required to attend the special sessions where the companies showed off a special side-by-side comparison of the code, opting instead to gather reactions from people who saw the presentation.) "

This is not terribly surprising. This case is going to drag on for years, with SCO bouyed by continuous cash infusions from Microsoft, who might just buy them before it's all said and done. This has officially gone beyond common sense and is now in lawyer land. Blah, blah, and blah. Check /. for more coverage.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Death of Journalist Killed by G.I.'s Prompts Calls for Inquiry

Death of Journalist Killed by G.I.'s Prompts Calls for Inquiry: "In accepting the 2001 International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists, Mr. Mazen Dana [43, was the second Reuters journalist to be killed in Iraq since the invasion began on March 20] spoke about the dangers he often faced. 'Words and images are a public trust,' he said. 'For this reason I will continue with my work regardless of the hardships, even if it costs me my life.'"

This is a tough one. If we are going to try and bring the front lines back to everyone's home, there should probably be a person in the army who can tell those with the guns wherere these journalist's live. If they already have one, this investigation needs to be very thorough.

New Scientist

New Scientist"
The first game-playing DNA computer has been revealed - an enzyme-powered tic-tac-toe machine that cannot be beaten."

Woopee. Give me a call when it starts walking.

Friday, August 15, 2003 || Fun with the Google Calculator || Fun with the Google Calculator

Google == Th3 Sh1t.

3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference: "Like most Nigerians, you're probably finding that it's increasingly difficult to earn a decent living from email. That's why you need to attend the 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference. "

Haha, suckers, everyone knows that the guy I'm working with is the real guy on the inside.

The Spiders: an online comic

The Spiders: an online comic

Wow, go for a ride and then drop a couple bucks in the bucket.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Simpsons Archive: Troy McClure

The Simpsons Archive: Troy McClure

RIP Mr. Hartman, even thinking about the character you brought to life forced a smile to my face. - Why Bush, GOP can block all inquiries - Why Bush, GOP can block all inquiries: "For nearly a decade, special counsel inquiries and adversarial congressional hearings dominated the headlines, etched bitter partisan lines, led to the impeachment of a president and made the nation's political debates resemble hand-to-hand combat.
Now, some things have changed. The law that provided for special counsels has expired. President Bush's fellow Republicans control both houses of Congress. The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, has stepped back from challenging the White House after losing a court case that sought to open the records of Vice President Cheney's energy task force."

Ugh and double ugh. BTW, some of Cheney's energy task force documents were released (err, pried from their cold, bloody hands). Nah, nothing about a bunch of maps of Iraqi oil fields and charts on foreign investors who are likely to control them that would make people want to question what the fuck Cheney has been/is planning in his undisclosed location. : Military Rescinds Iraq Media-Access Order : Military Rescinds Iraq Media-Access Order: "The U.S. military briefly issued an order Thursday that could have restricted journalists from accompanying American troops on all but routine missions in Iraq, including operations aimed at capturing or killing Saddam Hussein.
The directive told commanders throughout Iraq that reporters, photographers and television crews would be prohibited from traveling with the military on some operations as so-called 'embedded' journalists. The U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad rescinded the order shortly after The Associated Press reported on it. No explanation was given."

They later rescinded the order, as the story mentions. My conspiracy minded guess is that this is the build up to operation 'Plant WMD' and they don't want no snoopy reporters around when it goes down.

Ha'aretz - Israel starts to make humanitariam gestures.

Ha'aretz - Article: "Israel remains committed to the peace process with
the Palestinians and will do everything to make it
succeed, especially easing day-to-day conditions
for the Palestinians. "

Again, some slightly good news. I don't think any of these folks are going to run together with open arms. It will be a shuffling of feet, slowly moving closer together, while facing opposite directions. Then, when they get close, maybe they'll turn around a, at least, shake hands.

Either that, or we spiral back into chaos for another couple of years.

The Agonist: PA security forces attack Mosque in search for Jihad men

The Agonist: PA security forces attack Mosque in search for Jihad men: "A fire-fight erupted late Wednesday night after masked officers from the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Service in Gaza stormed the White Mosque in the Beach Camp refugee camp in Gaza City in search of Islamic Jihad militants.
Three were injured including one of the wanted men, a 90-year old man and a boy. The other Islamic Jihad man was arrested, sources in Gaza told the Jerusalem Post.
Following the attack the Islamic Jihad and Hamas disseminated a leaflet calling on the groups members to organize a council meeting in order weigh their reaction pending further anti-terror operations by the Palestinian Authority. "

Kinda good news, although too much pressure could lead back to chaos. There are some tough nuts to crack over there.

Troops in Iraq face pay cut / Pentagon says tough duty bonuses are budget-buster

Troops in Iraq face pay cut / Pentagon says tough duty bonuses are budget-buster: "The Pentagon wants to cut the pay of its 148,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, who are already contending with guerrilla-style attacks, homesickness and 120- degree-plus heat.
Unless Congress and President Bush take quick action when Congress returns after Labor Day, the uniformed Americans in Iraq and the 9,000 in Afghanistan will lose a pay increase approved last April of $75 a month in 'imminent danger pay' and $150 a month in 'family separation allowances.' "

Curious to see how they handle this. Which the huge defense budget increase over the last year, I find it hard to believe these folks won't keep their raises. Hell, with the current defense budget, the $300,000,000/yr it will cost is about 7 hours out of their total budget.

My guess is that my unborn children will get put further in debt. Heck, when your already down 401,000,000,000 for the year, what's the big deal if it jumps to 401,300,000,000. Barely a blip...

Franken Says He Doesn't Mind Fox Lawsuit

Franken Says He Doesn't Mind Fox Lawsuit ( "'As far as the personal attacks go,' Franken responded, 'when I read `intoxicated or deranged' and `shrill and unstable' in their complaint, I thought for a moment I was a Fox commentator.
'And by the way, a few months ago, I trademarked the word `funny.' So when Fox calls me `unfunny,' they're violating my trademark. I am seriously considering a countersuit.' "

Oh crap. Now I have to pay royalties to Franken for 'Funny' and Faux for 'Fair'. Looks like a pretty straightforward attempt at character assassination. Yes, I know, strange behaviour for Fox, although not for O'Reilly...

The Modern Age :: Hipster Bingo

The Modern Age

This is funny mainly because I ran into the 'Hipster Bingo' a while back so when somebody actually started playing it, well....funny.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Free is the Right Way to do WiFi

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

A curious economic argument. We'll see how lose and fast this stuff can be played. Free didn't work so well early on, but then again, flying through the air is a cheap way to cover that "last mile".

Errand Boy :: Bush and God

Errand Boy: "Here are Bush's exact words, quoted by Haaretz: 'God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me, I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them.'"

I heard rumors about this a while back. Now we've got the quote.

RedNova News: Court Urged to Reinstate Online Porn Law

RedNova News: Court Urged to Reinstate Online Porn Law: "A Philadelphia-based appeals court has twice ruled that the 1998 law, known as the Child Online Protection Act, unconstitutionally restricts speech. The law has been on hold since it was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of artists, book stores and others who put information on the Web."

I'm glad Ashcroft doesn't have any terrorists to worry about. BTW, this law would effectively shut down or criminalize a great many sites that use words like fuck, shit, or ever link to or contain pictures of a woman's nipple or man's ass. Which is why it was found unConstitutional, twice.

Welcome to the Official Left Handers Day Website

Welcome to the Official Left Handers Day Website: "Welcome to the official site for the Left-Handers Club, and the 11th annual celebration of left-handers superiority!! All year round, we fit in with home and office layouts designed for right-handers� comfort � put up with doors, cookers, sinks, computer mice, keyboards and desks that are efficient for right-handers to work at, and hundreds of times every day we contort ourselves using back-to-front tools and gadgets that make us look clumsy and awkward in our efforts to make them to work�. But NOT TODAY! "

I didn't even realize we had one. Paintball Pranksters Get Gunfire Paintball Pranksters Get Gunfire: "When the teens turned around to tell the group on the street they were only shooting paintballs, someone returned fire with a gun, peppering the driver's side of the car with more than a dozen bullets, Dacey said. "

This ties in with my 'golden rule' comment on some random board earlier today.

CBS News | Americans Abroad To Vote Online | July 12, 2003 16:33:54

CBS News | Americans Abroad To Vote Online | July 12, 2003 16:33:54: "'Internet voting takes just seconds instead of weeks if you were to put that ballot in the mail and send it off,' said Polli Brunelli, director of the Pentagon's Federal Voting Assistance Program. 'What we're trying to do is make sure that we have an alternative out there for those people who are unable to vote by mail.' "

--He didn't continue, "Heck, why even wait until the election to count votes like this. I've got here 6,000,000 votes for Bush, from each and every one of our service men and women. Don't believe me? Well then, you're a terrorist."
I dunno, as much as I like all things electronic, there is so much potential for abuse if you open up voting to this arena. And the only thing that matches the potential for abuse is the difficulty in tracking it back to a real person.

To Fox, 'Fair and Balanced' Doesn't Describe Al Franken

To Fox, 'Fair and Balanced' Doesn't Describe Al Franken: "Lawyers for Fox News Network, part of Rupert Murdoch's media empire, News Corporation, contend that Mr. Franken should not be allowed to use those words in the title of his new book due in stores next month, 'Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right' (Penguin).

They argue that Fox has trademarked 'Fair and Balanced' to describe its news coverage and that Mr. Franken's use of the phrase would 'blur and tarnish' it."

Yep, that's right. Heck the words 'Fair' and 'Balanced' should be suing Fox news for changing their meaning to 'Spun' and 'Biased'. A War on Wilson? A War on Wilson?: "A War on Wilson?
Inside the Bush Administration's feud with the diplomat who poured cold water on the Iraq-uranium connection "

This is a month old, but doesn't seem to be getting much play outside of the people who have been following this whole turgid affair.

The 'Zero Dropout' Miracle: Alas! Alack! A Texas Tall Tale

The 'Zero Dropout' Miracle: Alas! Alack! A Texas Tall Tale: "ROBERT KIMBALL, an assistant principal at Sharpstown High School, sat smack in the middle of the 'Texas miracle.' His poor, mostly minority high school of 1,650 students had a freshman class of 1,000 that dwindled to fewer than 300 students by senior year. And yet � and this is the miracle � not one dropout to report!"

No Child Left Behind is working great. You just have to redefine 'child' and 'left behind' and it's a massive success. And to continue a theme from last week.
Pressure? Some compare it to working under the old Soviet system of five-year plans. In January, just before the scandal broke, Abelardo Saavedra, deputy superintendent, unveiled Houston's latest mandates for the new year. "The districtwide student attendance rate will increase from 94.6 percent to 95 percent," he wrote. "The districtwide annual dropout rate will decrease from 1.5 percent to 1.3 percent."
Wow, looks like progress will continue.

At Least 36 Reported Killed in Afghan Violence

At Least 36 Reported Killed in Afghan Violence: "KABUL (Reuters) - At least 15 Afghans were killed when a suspected Taliban bomb blew a bus apart in a southern province Wednesday, while government forces said they killed 16 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters and lost five of their own."

You remember this place, right? It's a big priority around here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Broadcasters Bank on a Combination of Interests

Broadcasters Bank on a Combination of Interests: "Executives and employees of companies seeking federal approval of a controversial merger that would create a Republican-controlled Hispanic media giant are pouring contributions into President Bush's reelection campaign."

Ain't no one surprised here. Expect this to go through, and then gaze in wild wonder as Faux News (in Espanol) helps teach 28,000,000 hispanics that liberal is a dirty word. > News > Politics > Gray Davis Recall -- Schwarzenegger films would trigger FCC equal time rule > News > Politics > Gray Davis Recall -- Schwarzenegger films would trigger FCC equal time rule: "The airing of 'Total Recall' or another Schwarzenegger film, or a repeat of a 'Diff'rent Strokes' episode with Gary Coleman on broadcast television in California would trigger the Federal Communications Commission's equal time provision, allowing other candidates to demand the same amount of time. "

Ladies and Gentlemen Gather Round, Gasp in Awe, and Behold the Mighty Spectacle of a California Recall!!

10 things to celebrate / Why I'm an anti-anti-American

10 things to celebrate / Why I'm an anti-anti-American

Great reading. However, just because I like the way a guy dresses, keeps his house, and treats his children, doesn't mean I should look the other way when he runs downtown to beat bums to death with a crowbar.

News: Windows worm starts its spread

News: Windows worm starts its spread

Patch yo ass!

Rooba.Net :: View topic - The French

Rooba.Net :: View topic - The French

A French-bashing thread turned on it's head by a dashing French_man.

Great reading for some group think. Also, you can see the Frenchie's English improve while he outs some paper tigers over a 3 months long debate. - Your Miami Everything Guide - Dropping Trou to Stay Secure: "Dr. Louis Keith, a professor at Northwestern University Medical School who saw the episode, sides with the incensed passenger.
''An agent from TSA put his hands in the man's pockets, then I saw [the agent] take off his pants,'' Keith said.
The doctor says he heard Holness ask the guard, ''What are you doing?'' but got no reply."

"''I'm 100 percent confident that we did not ask this man to take his pants off in full view of the public,'' [Lauren Stover, spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration] said. ``Apparently, he was very frustrated, and we understand that.''

Stover said multiple witnesses corroborate the security guard's account. But the agency conceded he should have summoned a supervisor well before the incident escalated to the point where the gloves -- or pants -- came off."

A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale

A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale

Another Soldier's Blog. Still looking for the one that is seeing some action.

WWW.COLINFAHEY.COM : Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) : Answering All Questions Incorrectly!

WWW.COLINFAHEY.COM : Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) : Answering All Questions Incorrectly!

Wow, truly amazing work.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Iran Reformist Attempts Reforms

"Iran's reformist interior minister has ordered the closure of offices set up by hardliners to screen candidates for next year's legislative elections.
Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari on Saturday instructed all provincial governors to stop the operations of the supervisory offices set up by the hardline Guardian Council throughout the country, the government-run daily Iran reported Sunday. "

Baby steps. This is removing some of the damn dikes in Iranian politics. We'll see how those Feb 2004 elections go. 2004 is going to be an interesting year for those all around the world.

I still don't understand how Election Day is not a national holiday here. It should be in any democracy.

AtomFilms - The Real Hussein

AtomFilms - The Real Hussein

This might be a repeat, but it's worth it. || A song for those who love GWB || A song for those who love GWB

A few minutes of funny.

Elf - Large

Elf - Large

Ugh. Will seems to fit better in bit parts. This one could be painful.

Sunday, August 10, 2003 - Rumors & Notes :: Texas is Football Country - Rumors & Notes :: Texas and Football, Together in Pounds.

From the Fark. Church is an excuse for many hear to talk football. You'll notice how the Bible belt get's a little looser from Semptember through January. This is all thanks to Football.

Bush Misuses Science Data, Report Says

Bush Misuses Science Data, Report Says

Revisionist historians replaced with revisioninst scientists. Film last night at 11.

Friday, August 08, 2003

SOVO - Southern Voice Online

SOVO - Southern Voice Online: "Five years after starring in a national advertising campaign claiming gays can change their sexual orientation, Michael Johnston experienced a “moral fall” and left behind his ministries, two conservative Christian groups that worked with Johnston confirmed this week."

Please, will you fundi folks give up on this thing?



This is great. Simply fabulous.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Jesus Insect Revealed

How insects walk on water.: "The mystery of how some insects can walk on water has been solved with the construction of a lightweight robot that performs the same feat"



more 1st person iraq views. Get 'em while they're hot.

OJR article: Participatory Journalism Puts the Reader in the Driver's Seat

OJR article: Participatory Journalism Puts the Reader in the Driver's Seat: "Over the past few years, the outlines of a new form of journalism have begun to emerge. Call it participatory journalism or one of its kindred names -- open-source journalism, personal media, grassroots reporting -- but everyone from individuals to online newspapers has begun to take notice.
'It's about readers participating in the editorial process, and it's long overdue,' says Dan Gillmor"

Good stuff about the changing nature of journalism. Also explains why kuro5hin has been so slow lately...

California recall recast |

California recall recast | "'Arnold Schwarzenegger will bring out a whole echelon of people who don't vote but who go to movies,' says Tony Quinn, a longtime political analyst. 'Because of his movie background and larger-than-life persona, he will suck the oxygen away from the other Republican candidates, and Democrats as well - because when you listen to him, he sounds like one.'"

If he can keep himself fairly clean throughout the process and say one or two intelligent things, the most interesting thing about this election will be tracking down the rest of the cast of Predator and starting their campaigns, as Arnie will win without having to resort to time travel.

Quantum Philosophy

Quantum Philosophy

It's everywhere. Pretty straightforward, in slightly unsatisfying, reading on the idea. | Exhibitions | 2003 | Ansel Adams | Exhibitions | 2003 | Ansel Adams

Hope I can make it out to this one.

Aerial Photography of the United States and Caribbean by Aerials Only

Aerial Photography of the United States and Caribbean by Aerials Only

I love this stuff, straight off of MeFi.

A Bioethicist's Take on Genesis

A Bioethicist's Take on Genesis

Quick, before the Nothing eats it.

The Village Voice: Nation: Muffling the Left by Chisun Lee

The Village Voice: Nation: Muffling the Left by Chisun Lee: "In perhaps the clearest example of the report's claims of squashed dissent, Bush's Health and Human Services Department (HHS) threatened advocates of the nonprofit Head Start�including parents and teachers of poor children�with monetary sanctions or even prosecution for speaking out against a presidential proposal. "

Nah, it ain't a police state indication. This is more on the 'bankrupt the federal gubmint and give power to God' beat.

Mark A. R. Kleiman :: Joseph Wilson Research

Mark A. R. Kleiman

somebody said he had good Wilson stuff..yup

JOSEPH WILSON, FORMER U.S. ACTING AMBASSADOR TO IRAQ: Oh, absolutely, and I've had confidence in -- that we would find weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction programs from the very beginning of the run-up to the war in Iraq.

687, the initial U.N. resolution dealing with weapons of mass destruction, demanded compliance, and it had as its objective disarmament. We had not yet achieved disarmament, so it was perfectly appropriate to continue to try and gather together the international consensus to disarm Saddam and his programs.

I think we'll find chemical weapons. I think we'll find biological precursors that may or may not have been weaponized. And I think we will find a continuing interest of -- on nuclear weapons. The question really is whether it met the threshold test of imminent threat to our own national security or even the test of grave and gathering danger.
And there you have a position that many people also feel is true, yet get slandered for being quite so nuanced across the board.

New Scientist

New Scientist: "The work establishes the tightest link yet between diet and a strange form of inheritance known as epigenetics. Unlike a mutation which changes the DNA sequence of genes, epigenetic factors can alter how a gene is used, while leaving the DNA sequence unchanged."

More on this later OTOS, I've felt for a long time that there are other factors in our physical appearance outside direct DNA expression. Pet theory being something that allows me to explain races in a way that causes racists to self-destruct. To essentially destroy the meme of hard-core 'they're a a dif'ernt species and need to die', 'pure white race' race based hate.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003 Photography: Pictures of the Year award winners Photography: Pictures of the Year award winners

Great photos. The first one, well, it takes a bit to digest.

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "Size is usually more of an issue but the shape of the penis is also important because it evolved to dispel other men's semen, according to scientists in the United States.

"They found that the coronal ridge... could scoop out more than 90 percent of the cornstarch mixture (from the artificial vagina) with just one thrust, while a phallus with no coronal ridge only managed to remove 35 percent," New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday."

Yea, that's right, it's my bad-semen shovel.

Iraqi Town's Anger Explodes Into Chaotic Revolt

Iraqi Town's Anger Explodes Into Chaotic Revolt ( "'The protest was not because we worked with Saddam,' Ibrahim said. 'The protest was because they shot children and bombed the shops. My opinion -- now, now -- is that Saddam is better than the Americans and the Governing Council' -- the U.S.-appointed body now ruling Iraq. "

Lost another heart and mind yesterday. Maybe they picked up some more someplace else.

Yahoo! News - Seven-Member Marine Team Lands in Liberia

Yahoo! News - Seven-Member Marine Team Lands in Liberia

Yea, you read that right, seven. I guess the military is strapped more than they've let on.

Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. Is Better Than You!

Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. Is Better Than You!

Funny as hell, but this is more and more what you get on the Net for being an asshole.

Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. Is Better Than You!

Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. Is Better Than You!

Funny as hell, but this is more and more what you get on the Net for being an asshole.

It's true, and there's some downright cynical 9/11 stuff up there. Curious site. - Phish fans' devotion offers lucrative Net opportunity - Phish fans' devotion offers lucrative Net opportunity: "'The Stones probably have a number of fans who no more understand how to download a track than a cow comprehends algebra,' he said. "

Great closing line. Lessons for music galore.

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

Latest Casualties in IraqA Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

and the the requisite, IBC reference. On the Hiroshima kick.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003 - EFF urges RIAA to change legal tune - EFF urges RIAA to change legal tune: "The Recording Industry Association of America just hired a new CEO, at a salary of $1 million a year.
Meanwhile, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, its legal nemesis, exists on a total annual budget of $2 million, doled out in small checks to fight government and industry opponents in battles over online song swapping, privacy,

Great article on the EFF and their Jihad. Sign up and help them out. - Blood on Our Hands? - Aug. 5, 2003 - Blood on Our Hands? - Aug. 5, 2003

I still don't agree with the conclusion of this article. And I am one of those people who's grandfather was on a boat headed to Japan when this went down. His name was Roy Taylor, strangely enough.

Robotic Nation, by Marshall Brain

Robotic Nation, by Marshall Brain

This is going to fun to play with. A very interesting article. Simply a must read to understand some of the problem's with it I'm going to go over on the other site. But pretty much brilliant stuff. From the guy who does

Yahoo! News - Blair Under New Fire Over Dead Scientist Slur

Yahoo! News - Blair Under New Fire Over Dead Scientist Slur: "LONDON (Reuters) - A top aide to British Prime Minister Tony Blair apologized on Tuesday for comparing the dead Iraq weapons inspector at the center of his government's worst political crisis to Walter Mitty.

The suicide of Iraq weapons inspector and scientist David Kelly days after he appeared in front of a parliamentary panel, investigating whether the case for war in Iraq was exaggerated, has turned into a test of the government's credibility. "

I'm still having difficulty understand how people here still think Bush has any credibility left, but then again, it bothers me, rather than makes me happy, when my country kills innocent people out of unabashed fear.

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | French Troops Foil a Massacre in Congo

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | French Troops Foil a Massacre in Congo

Any story with 'hacking' 'wounded' and 'machetes' always leaves a bad taste in my soul. Good to see the French applying force where necessary.

The Agonist: Iraqi TV head quits

The Agonist: Iraqi TV head quits: "The postwar director of U.S.-backed Iraqi Television has quit, saying the United States is losing the propaganda war to countries like Iran and to the fugitive Saddam Hussein.
Three months after being flown to Baghdad on board a U.S. plane to relaunch Iraqi television and radio, former exile Ahmad Rikabi is disillusioned and back in London for the foreseeable future. "

This is second or third media propaganda failure by the U.S. in muslim countries over the past 6 months or so. I dunno, maybe we should give the TBN a shot at it... - Stealing The Internet - Stealing The Internet: "The industry coalition spoke of 'tiered' service, where consumers would be charged according to 'gold, silver and bronze' levels of bandwidth use. The days where lawmakers once spoke about eradicating the 'Digital Divide' in America has come full circle. Under the scenario presented by the lobbyists, people on fixed incomes would have to accept a stripped-down Internet, full of personally targeted advertising. Other users could get a price break if they receive bundled content -- news, music, games -- from one telecom or media company. Anybody interested in other 'non-mainstream' news, software or higher-volume usage, could pay for the privilege. The panel's response was warm, suggesting that the industry should work this out with little federal intrusion. That approach has already been embraced by the industry-friendly Federal Communications Commission. "

Nah, no conspiracy here. Just normal market economics working to control and parcel out the world you get exposed to beyond your natural sense.

That ' industry coalition' is, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Disney and others. It really only takes about 15 or 20 people to decide on this path, then only about 100.000.000 apathetic Americans has to ignore it, and we're well on our way.

Glow-in-the-dark fish a bright idea?

Glow-in-the-dark fish a bright idea?

I don't think we'll know for sure until a number of these get flushed down the toilet and breed with local populations. For some reason I don't think a minnow that glows in the dark (and can't turn it off) has a particularly well-gifted (I would have said evolved...) survival mechanism.

Plastic: Your Printer Is Lying

Plastic: Your Printer Is Lying

Did something on this a while back about the DMCA and printer cartridges. More reading on whacky business models and making money off waste.

How much for a gallon?


Prices per gallon of all sorts of curious liquid substances.

Warren Buffett: dividend tax cut is voodoo economics

Warren Buffett: dividend tax cut is voodoo economics: "Now the Senate says that dividends should be tax-free to recipients.
Suppose this measure goes through and the directors of Berkshire Hathaway
(which does not now pay a dividend) therefore decide to pay $1 billion in
dividends next year. Owning 31 percent of Berkshire, I would receive $310
million in additional income, owe not another dime in federal tax, and see
my tax rate plunge to 3 percent."

Warren Buffet slamming the tax cuts that have led/are leading to record deficits and unprecedented service cuts. This is from a few months back.

Lawrence Lessig :: Presidential Politics

Lawrence Lessig: Presidential Politics

Nice listing of some stories involving the upcoming presidential campaign and technology. Also included a week of Dean Blog's, and tons of comments which yet again prove the need for a solid moderation system (see for the best example I'm aware of).

GrepLaw | Lessig on Blogs, Eldred and his Audi TT

GrepLaw | Lessig on Blogs, Eldred and his Audi TT

Nice, almost slightly optimistic (at least funny) interview with Lessig. Hmm, my dad drove a TT...

Monday, August 04, 2003

Blog for America

Blog for America

There ya go. Looks like Dean is the Democratic front-runner and you can keep up with the inanity here. I'm curious to see how he faces the Fox/Administration FUD attacks, which I'm sure will be quite impressive.



Social science gonnewrong.

Just One Minute

Just One Minute

Got lost for a minute on the far side of blogistan.

The Agonist: War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital

The Agonist: War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital

Well, at least major combat operations are over. Too bad those minor ones are still getting people killed on a daily basis.

Sunday, August 03, 2003


G.: "Unlike what al-Jazeera says I think Iraqis gained something form the Americans.
We got some amebic concept, some call it freedom others call it chaos,
I call it a fuzzy dream of democracy. "

More first person media from Baghdad. G. in Baghdad to be precise.

The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products

The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products

I've been looking for this place for years. | Dalai Lama misses sex, shoots guns (July 29, 2003) | Dalai Lama misses sex, shoots guns (July 29, 2003): "THE Dalai Lama has admitted that, in a lifetime dedicated to celibacy and non-violence, he has missed out on sex and that he shoots at hawks in anger.

Asked in an interview what experiences he had missed that ordinary people had not, he pointed towards his groin and laughed, saying: 'I obviously missed this.' "

Yes, this is why he's not the Dalai Laya. Or the Dalai Kilya, for that matter.

MSN Health - Metrosexuals: It's a Guy Thing!

MSN Health - Metrosexuals: It's a Guy Thing!

Not it is not a guy thing, it's a gay thing. But for some reason, women sleep with guys who act like this, so expect the trend to continue.

The Agonist: Behind the new terror warnings

The Agonist: Behind the new terror warnings

Now I know why the airport was so slow this last Friday.

AtomFilms - The Real Hussein

AtomFilms - The Real Hussein

Pretty much speaks for itself.

Friday, August 01, 2003

The Agonist: Bush Says Recovery Might Have Looked Strong if He'd Let Recession Deepen

The Agonist: Bush Says Recovery Might Have Looked Strong if He'd Let Recession Deepen: "'Economic historians would say that the recession of 2001 was one of the more shallow recessions. Some would probably say, well, maybe you shouldn't have acted and let the recession go deeper, which would have made - may have made - for a more speedy recovery,' Bush told reporters after meeting with his Cabinet."

Oh me oh my. This is silly. Make the madness stop.

Observed Instances of Speciation

Observed Instances of Speciation

Reading tangent from an Intelligent Design/Evolution 'debate'.

Russian Oligarchs Irresponsible - PRAVDA.Ru

Russian Oligarchs Irresponsible - PRAVDA.Ru: "The problem is as follows. In a normal liberal society oligarchs acts as the driving force in development of the economic infrastructure of their countries simultaneously strengthening their material well-being and creating a favorable business climate. At the same time, they develop a civilized political climate in the country. But in this country the situation is radically different. Russian oligarchs publicly declare that they won't consider problems arising in adjacent economic sectors as a result of their business activity. It seems that they also don't care about perspective problems of their business because Russian oligarchs don't invest in renewal of their basic assets. "

Russia is really picking up the capitalism thing. They even have their own Enrons.

Gaius Publius: Considering the Obvious

Gaius Publius: Considering the Obvious

An exploration why the cognitive dissonace in the U.S. to so profound right now.

Index of /photos

Index of /photos

Beware the Googlebots. You never know what they will find.



Yippity yea. You knew it was coming, complete confirmation that TV has been surpassed. More on the other site.