Wednesday, August 13, 2003

CBS News | Americans Abroad To Vote Online | July 12, 2003 16:33:54

CBS News | Americans Abroad To Vote Online | July 12, 2003 16:33:54: "'Internet voting takes just seconds instead of weeks if you were to put that ballot in the mail and send it off,' said Polli Brunelli, director of the Pentagon's Federal Voting Assistance Program. 'What we're trying to do is make sure that we have an alternative out there for those people who are unable to vote by mail.' "

--He didn't continue, "Heck, why even wait until the election to count votes like this. I've got here 6,000,000 votes for Bush, from each and every one of our service men and women. Don't believe me? Well then, you're a terrorist."
I dunno, as much as I like all things electronic, there is so much potential for abuse if you open up voting to this arena. And the only thing that matches the potential for abuse is the difficulty in tracking it back to a real person.

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