Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FBI: No terror tie to Dallas-area phone salesmen

FBI: No terror tie to Dallas-area phone salesmen

Everybody panic!!!!
"DALLAS - The three Dallas-area men arrested in Michigan on state terrorism charges are well-known to cell phone wholesale and retail shops here, where managers said Monday they are part of a brisk trade in buying phones from Wal-Mart and other discount stores and reselling them to smaller shops.

In Michigan, meanwhile, the FBI said it has no information to indicate that the three Palestinian-Americans arrested with about 1,000 cell phones in their van on Friday had any connections to terrorism.

And, in an unrelated case, an Ohio prosecutor said he didn't have enough evidence to present felony terrorism charges against two Michigan men also arrested with a number of cell phones in their car."
Now every young, enterprising Muslim is an official "terror suspect". BTW, how many times do you have to be picked up and treated like a terrorist before you just give in and become one?

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