Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Comedification of American News

Crooks and Liars - Scarborough: "Fake News Versus FOX News"This includes some funny clips (hey, free content for Scarborough) but Joe's points are pretty weak, IMHO. The only reason people are talking about this is because The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are getting great ratings.
"Scarborough seems to think that Stewart gets a free pass because he is left of center. Anyone who watches TDS knows that Stewart will take the opportunity to point out mistakes made by any politician, right or left. It just so happens that we have a government totally controlled by the right and they happen to make very easy targets right now."
Remember how I said we are at the "laughing at the propaganda" point? This is more evidence we have reached such a place. The sad part is that more and more news are adapting the satirical tone...although I'm not sure if it's hesitance has to do with the fact that I get my real news online, and watch TDS to get a laugh out of it. If people begin to depend on the satire and the parody, we might end up in an even worse place (like people thinking "truthiness" is a good thing. It's not).

There is, I would think a lot of people out there who could go for a nice, BBC-style, just-the-news show...but I'm not sure the economics could work out on any of the major stations. We are in a pretty bad place, having gone from actual news dominating, to pundits dominating, to fake pundits dominating.

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