Thursday, February 24, 2005

Canada refuses further role in missile defence

The Globe and Mail: Canada refuses further role in missile defence: "Although Prime Minister Paul Martin said Canada would "insist" on maintaining control of its airspace, U.S. ambassador Paul Cellucci warned that Washington would not be constrained.

"We will deploy. We will defend North America," he said.

"We simply cannot understand why Canada would in effect give up its sovereignty - its seat at the table - to decide what to do about a missile that might be coming towards Canada.'"

Dang peace-loving Canadians. Don't they know that military might == Freedom?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Probably Planned Suicide

ABC News: Thompson Probably Planned Suicide: "The family is looking into whether Thompson's cremated remains can be blasted out of a cannon, a wish the gun-loving writer often expressed, Brinkley said.

'The optimal, best-case scenario is the ashes will be shot out of a cannon,' he said. "

And that, as they say, is that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill President Bush

The New York Times > National > Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill President Bush: "Mr. Ali, 23, described in recent news reports as a Houston-born American citizen and the valedictorian of his high school class in suburban Virginia, appeared in federal district court in Alexandria, Va., today. He did not enter a plea, but scores of his supporters laughed when the charges were read.

Mr. Ali's attorney, Ashraf Nubani, told Magistrate Liam O'Grady that his client was tortured while in Saudi custody, before he was returned to the United States, The A.P. said. 'He has the evidence on his back,' the lawyer said. 'He was whipped. He was handcuffed for days at a time.'"

Looks to be a curious case. I wonder if this one will be public scrutiny or is more witch hunt style stuff.

Monday, February 21, 2005

ABC News: Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies

ABC News: Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies: "WASHINGTON Feb 20, 2005 � The voice of science is being stifled in the Bush administration, with fewer scientists heard in policy discussions and money for research and advanced training being cut, according to panelists at a national science meeting.

Speakers at the national meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science expressed concern Sunday that some scientists in key federal agencies are being ignored or even pressured to change study conclusions that don't support policy positions. "

In other news, priests (the ones not banging kids) are celebrating the death of science.

Paris Hilton's sidekick hacked | The Register

Paris Hilton's sidekick hacked | The Register: "While Paris must by now be used to being overexposed online, many of the people in her little black book were less than pleased with the leak. According to the Drudge Report, one starlet said 'I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f**king kept it on her cellphone!'

Reality TV star Victoria Gotti told New York Daily News that she had received over 100 phone calls in two hours. 'It's driving me insane,' she said."

Yea, well, Paris Hilton is driving us insane, so things kinda balance out. Karma's a bitch sometimes.

Friday, February 18, 2005

International news from swissinfo, the Swiss news platform

International news from swissinfo, the Swiss news platform: "The debate over whether or not there is a global warming signal is now over, at least for rational people,' he said.

The report was published one day after the United Nations Kyoto Protocol took effect, a 141-nation environmental
pact the United States government has spurned for several reasons, including stated doubts about whether global
warming is occurring and is caused by people.

Barnett urged U.S. officials to reconsider.

'Could a climate system simply do this on its own? The answer is clearly no,' Barnett said.

His team used U.S. government models of solar warming and volcanic warming, just to see if they could account for
the measurements they made. 'Not a chance,' he said.

And the effects will be felt far and wide. 'Anywhere that the major water source is fed by snow ... or glacial melt,' he
said. 'The debate is what are we going to do about it.'"

There ya go. Reason #2,134,852 Bush is a dangerous man.

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon'

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon': "Slaughter and other White House critics suggest, however, that the access given to Gannon to cover presidential news briefings is further evidence of the Bush administration's blurring the boundary between the news media and the government, akin to the payments the administration made to conservative columnists to promote Bush's policies and its production of video news releases that mimic the style of television news."

The Propagannon story continues to unfold.

New Robots Walk Like Humans

New Robots Walk Like Humans: "WASHINGTON D.C. - In what could be described as one small step for a robot, but a giant leap for robot-kind, a trio of humanoid machines were introduced Thursday, each with the ability to walk in a human-like manner."

One step closer...

Monday, February 07, 2005

ABC News: Bush Sends Congress $2.57 Trillion Budget

ABC News: Bush Sends Congress $2.57 Trillion Budget: "'It is a budget that sets priorities,' Bush said after a meeting with his Cabinet. 'It's a budget that reduces and eliminates redundancy. It's a budget that's a lean budget.' "

It's also a budget that doesn't mention Social Security transition costs or any of the costs for the war. Those come in special "hey, dad, I need some money!" budget requests.