Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill President Bush

The New York Times > National > Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill President Bush: "Mr. Ali, 23, described in recent news reports as a Houston-born American citizen and the valedictorian of his high school class in suburban Virginia, appeared in federal district court in Alexandria, Va., today. He did not enter a plea, but scores of his supporters laughed when the charges were read.

Mr. Ali's attorney, Ashraf Nubani, told Magistrate Liam O'Grady that his client was tortured while in Saudi custody, before he was returned to the United States, The A.P. said. 'He has the evidence on his back,' the lawyer said. 'He was whipped. He was handcuffed for days at a time.'"

Looks to be a curious case. I wonder if this one will be public scrutiny or is more witch hunt style stuff.

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