Wednesday, July 07, 2004

War On Pornography

War On Pornography
"Pornography is obscenity, not "free speech," and has never been protected by our Supreme Court "
This is under their 'did you know' section and is vastly misleading. As the Supreme Court has fairly consistently allowed Americans to see the kinds of pictures they like.
We commend our nation’s leaders for their strong commitment to the War on Terrorism, but we also feel that there is a foe within our own nation and homes that is producing equal, if not more carnage than terrorism – Pornography. We need to help our leaders understand this and commit the same, if not more resources to protecting our innocent children and families from the ravages of this highly addictive and destructive medium.
Yea, don't ya'll remember when Jenna Jamison set off that suicide bomb at the Vegas convention?

I'm just waiting until the Religious Rights realizes that most of their political goals are directly in line with the fundy nutjobs on the other side of the planet. Oh, the look on their faces...


rachel said...

this isn't a comment it's a question. is new york as great as it seems?

Wah said...

I certainly can't complain. It's also as expensive as they say, which completes the other side of the balance.