Monday, June 28, 2004

Busted despite the Ether

Wi-Fi hopper guilty of cyber-extortion | The Register
"A Maryland man with a grudge against a Connecticut-based patent firm used unsecured wireless networks at homes and businesses in the Washington DC area to penetrate the company's computers and deliver untraceable threats and extortion demands, until an FBI surveillance team caught him in the act.

Myron Tereshchuk, 42, pleaded guilty this month to a single charge of 'attempted extortion affecting commerce' for demanding a $17m ransom in exchange for not broadcasting proprietary information he obtained from MicroPatent, LLC, an intellectual property firm that packages patent and trademark information for law firms.

The clearest sign [he was guilty] came when he issued the $17m extortion demand, and instructed the company to "make the check payable to Myron Tereshchuk.""
Aahh, the stupid genius. Almost a cliche at this point.

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