Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Holding Pundits Accountable

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Rich Lowry, Serious Foreign Policy Expert, announces his serious plan for victory in Iraq

Good work here by Greenwald is utterly destroying Rich Lowry of the National Review. The vast majority of pundits, particularly on the right, have been so...insanely wrong, so many times, it is just a wonder they still get any air or print time at all. I don't understand it, to be honest. If they were ditch diggers, they would have been fired for building embankments. Instead, as pundits, they get even more airtime.
"Virtually every one of his Iraq columns are filled with bitter mockery of those who were right, along with pompous predictions about what would happen which were plainly grounded in a world composed in equal parts of adolescent fantasy and rank ignorance.

But as always with Iraq and terrorism debates, being endlessly wrong is a sign of profound seriousness, and cheering on wars -- no matter how misguided and misinformed the cheering is -- renders one a serious foreign policy expert who recognizes the serious threats we face in these very serious times. That's why, when The Washington Post wants to find someone to counsel us on its Op-Ed page as to what to do in Iraq, it turns to two of the Wrongest People in America.

If we had determined our Iraq policy over the last three years by picking proposals out of a hat, we would have been way more right than we were by listening to Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry. "

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