Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - Drug prices outstrip inflation - Drug prices outstrip inflation: "The increase is the biggest in the five years that AARP, with 35 million members, has sponsored the study. It's just slightly higher than the 7% price rise in 2003. The group, which has pushed for lower drug prices, is set to release its report today.

The findings come from an examination of prices charged by manufacturers on 195 brand-name prescription drugs widely used by Americans 50 and older. The study's authors said such increases are routinely passed on to consumers in retail prices.

Bill Novelli, the group's CEO, called the increases disappointing, particularly in the year after President Bush signed a sweeping overhaul of Medicare. The new law will provide seniors with a prescription-drug benefit next year. But it prohibits the government from negotiating drug prices on behalf of consumers."

And there ya go. That was the 'Medicare Reform Bill' that was built to protect Big Pharmi's profit line. Everyone else gets the screw.

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