Tuesday, March 01, 2005

At 9, He's Out Stumping for President's Social Security Plan

The New York Times > Washington > At 9, He's Out Stumping for President's Social Security Plan: "The battle over Social Security has been joined by an unusual lobbyist, a 9-year-old from Texas who has agreed to travel supporting President Bush's proposal.

The boy, Noah McCullough, made a splash with his encyclopedic command of presidential history, earning five appearances on the 'Tonight' show and some unusual experiences in the presidential campaign last year. He beat Howard Dean in a trivia contest at the Democratic National Convention and wrote for his local newspaper about his trip to see the inauguration.

'He's very patriotic and very Republican,' said Noah's mother, Donna McCullough, a former teacher and self-described Democrat. 'It's the way he was born.'"

Ahh, a budding young fascist. I dunno about this, I have to agree with these folks. When you rely on a 9-year old to change a generations old social policy, that change has definitely jumped the shark.

BTW, as to the 'fascist' remark...I mean, it's not like it's possible to go from ultra-conservative (Republican) to moderately-conservative (Democrat) when the first tenet of Modern Conservative Thinking (Neocons) is that anybody to the left of them are liberals/terrorists. There is a big jump to do even that much, and when you start out so young and so dumb, where can you go but down the road to fascism?

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