Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Volokh Conspiracy - Sokal is an Id10t

The Volokh Conspiracy -: "Alan Sokal and the Social Text Parody:In 1996, physics professor Alan Sokal published a parody article on the social construction of physics in the journal Social Text. It turns out that Sokal's website has copies of the original article, the Lingua Franca article in which he came clean about his spoof, and other writings about the controversy both by Sokal and others."

This is the reason, a big part of it, why our society is so lost. Those 'in the know' about the closest details of the nature of the Universe, absolutely refuse to speak on it in any concrete terms. This allows the charlatans to step in and make all sorts of whacky claims while the physicists scratch their heads and say, "Hmm, I guess it is all energy...but that doesn't mean anything."

Ugh, and thus the need for people like myslef to do a bit of metaphor drawing.

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