Friday, September 26, 2003

News & Features | The Empire strikes back

News & Features | The Empire strikes back: "'What we�re seeing right now is really exciting in terms of inventiveness,' says Newbury Comics� Dreese. 'Just think of how far we�ve come since the advent of recording in how we listen to music. Now it�s a matter of the law and certain legal rights catching up with technology. We�re living in an accelerated world, so what we�re experiencing now with the lawsuits, some universities considering a student fee for downloading music, and other possible solutions might have taken much more time. After all, it took something like 40 years of litigation to get the music on radio licensed. Now, within the span of about five years, we�re going to have a completely new technology and possibly new laws in place for an industry. That�s remarkable.'"

The last paragraph is the best. He hits the problem's nail on the it's proverial head.

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