Saturday, July 26, 2003

Okey dokey.

So we got that straightened out. This particular blog came about because of a Google marketing promotion with Blogger, whom they acquired sometime back.

Google's new 'pop-up blocking' toolbar includes a little blogging button, so then I made a new account, and here we are. The button is supposed to make it easy to blog the page you are currently reading. I would like to make it a matter of record that I dislike the word 'blog' and all its siblings, but they are here for the foreseeable future, and thus, I use them continuously. Bloggety, blog, blog.

Because of the nature of the beast, this will mainly be links to all the stuff I finish reading. It's the background noise that I filter for my 'real' site, Quantum There's a crapload of it, but I like to spend a bit more time exploring things on the other page. Also, I'm curious to see how this affects traffic.

That's the idea, let's see how things work out.

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